27 Nov 2014

term one's group work notes

I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to keeping organised and for group work, I like to use bound or spiral notebooks if I can. I try and keep the notes within them as tidy as possible because they will be used as revision notes nearer to exam time so here is a glimpse into one of them that was used for the first term of year 'three' (technically my second year but it is actually the third year of medical school).

The notebook itself is from Artbox and I bought it over a year ago so I'm not sure if they still stock it. It is quite minimalistic in design with a red cover, spring green spine and back. Inside, the paper is cream in colour with is ruled. On the first page, I've made a contents page so that each week can be found easily and to aid with this, I've also placed a round sticker (folded in half) at the top of each new section.

I try and keep the notes as neat as possible. There are diagrams present too and although I use coloured gel pens to highlight things, I keep these to a minimum and instead, opt to use Zebra Mildliners where possible. The pastel nature of the Mildliners are easier on the eye and are easily my favourite highlighters ever.

That said, I still use colours when they are appropriate - an example is when it comes to 'staging' things and in diagrams.

I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into my group work notebook from this term. Would you like to see more of these notes or others that I take? If so, let me know and I may make this a more regular thing :)


  1. Those are the neatest notes I've ever seen!
    I struggle with taking neat notes since I find that most classes are too fast paced so I end up just writing everything with one colour. Any tips for that? :)

    Take care!

  2. When you've graduated you should frame a couple of these just to remind you of the hard times, haha these are works of art! I admire your dedication and commitment to keeping beautiful notes :)

  3. All of this is over my head, but goodness is it beautiful! I could never take notes that nice, I'm a furious scrawler, ha. Your colors and writing is lovely!!

  4. I just had to order those highlighters. The colours are adorable and I can easily see them in my own revision notes. :)

  5. Hi Angela, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I absolutely adore your notes. I often search through your archives just to look at your pretty notes. They're so motivating, too. So yes, I'd love to see more of them!

  6. I love seeing your revision notes!! I'm a final year biochemistry undergrad so whenever revision is starting to annoy me I always have a glance at your notes to help inspire/motivate me :)
    So I would LOVE this to be a regular occurrence :)

  7. Such neat notes! I think I'll be getting those mildliners. They look amazing. :)