18 Dec 2014

my 2015 planner: the chosen one

Back in July, I posted about a planner I just had to add to my bookshelf: The Planner by Seeso (now sold out but here is a link to other cute planners!) from The Fox and Star. I have a soft spot for the colour orange and who can resist a Korean brand that designs cute and functional stationery? Having used a binder for years (Filofax, Kate Spade, Smythson were the brands I've worked my way through!), I wanted to use a bound planner again. Back in 2011, I used a Moleskine but this time, I wanted something a bit more chic and different.

The year planner has already been marked out with birthdays already. I've yet to make a note of other events but I will get round to that. Or not - I don't tend to use year planners so it might stay this way for the next twelve months!

Monthly planning pages are something I've tried and failed to use in my binder so hopefully, I'll have more success with this one. I'm not holding my breath but it's always useful to see my month at a glance so here's hoping that these pages see a lot of use! I've filled in the important things already and I'm hoping my social life gets more exciting so I can write more things in!

The weekly planning pages are a completely different layout to anything else I've tried before. It is a vertical layout and there are blocks for each hour of the day, from 6am until 8pm. So far, I've colour coded my general practice placement and I'm hoping to carry on colour coding when I return to the lectures and group work block.

Some stickers were included and I've already utilised the month ones to mark out the start of each month within the weekly planning pages. It looks pretty cool from the side if I do say so myself! :)

At the back, I have some stuff I need for my placement and also some stickers that came with the planner. I love having a pocket as it's just so useful for those bits that may otherwise fall out of my planner.

Overall, I'm really excited for the start of 2015! Only another two weeks to go though :) The idea of a bound planner is something different to what I'm used to and a change is always a bit exciting.

Are you getting excited for 2015? Are any of you trying something different too? :)


  1. I love Orange stationery, as well. How is the feel of the paper on your planner? I'm continuing to use my Filofax, but I think I'm missing something smaller to have in my purse that isn't so bulky.

    1. The paper is pretty thick! Gel and fountain pens don't show through and it takes wet ink very well x

  2. I use that planner for about a year now and this the best planner I ever had:)