21 Dec 2014

my week #140

This is the 17th week of my second year at university and it's finally the last week of the first term. It's been a long term and I'm not going to lie - it was stressful trying to balance studying with two jobs that don't have guaranteed hours, blogging and also a social life. Anyway, I've survived (just about) and am trying very hard to relax but it might take me a day or two before that actually happens properly.

For those of your university or school, how are you guys finding it? Grateful for a break? Are you totally relaxing or are you using it as an opportunity to catch up on work? 2015 is just around the corner now so it's also a good time to review 2014 and see what things you may want to improve on (for me: I need to stop being such a workaholic and relax!).

How has your week been?

1 comment

  1. I'm glad to have a break! I mean, I'm nowhere near as busy as you are at uni (the pros of being on a arts course! XD) but I still feel like I've been non-stop working these past few months!
    Hope you get a bit of rest!