3 Mar 2015

ten of my guiltiest pleasures

We all have things we love doing when no-one else is around and there are always things we do that others may judge us for but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy them. I thought I'd share the things that qualify as my guilty pleasures :)

1) Binge watching rom-coms on Netflix.

There are so many silly chick-flicks on Netflix that it would be rude not to. And watching something that doesn't require my full attention means I can have it on in the background whilst doing some light study. It's got to the stage now where I get recommended silly films on my Netflix account!

2) People watching...

What can I say? People are fascinating and sometimes when out and about, with nothing to do, I find myself watching people as they walk past or when I'm on the bus and someone gets on. It also enables me to think about myself and how others would see me if the role was reversed - and I think it helps me be a better person as I do often walk around with a frown on my face if my commute or day has been particularly stressful.

3) Kinder Bueno

For some reason, I attribute the Kinder brand with children - most likely because of their Kinder eggs? However, as I've embarked on a gluten-free diet (for health reasons, as recommended by a doctor - not for faddy reasons), I've not had a Kinder Bueno since December so maybe it'll stay a childhood brand for me :(

4) Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

I fancy myself as a bit of a businesswomen in my spare time and Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 proves this. Or so I'd like to think. It was one of those games I played when I was about twelve and managed to master and now that I'm a bit older, I'm finding that I'm still enjoying the game just as much!

5) Nutella. Straight from the jar...

This is probably something I shouldn't have confessed to... But come on, I can't be the only one?! Even my mum doesn't know I do this (and I live at home with my parents! But luckily, I'm the only one who eats Nutella in this house).

6) Wearing sunglasses everywhere in the summer.

Not only do they provide eye protection, they also make me feel a bit glamorous and mysterious (because, I am anything but either of those adjectives).

7) Looking at pictures of cute Pomeranians.

On Instagram and Google Images, I like searching for cute pictures of Pomeranians. They are just so minute and perfect that I would love to have one. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to walk one, nor the time to look after one (or the cash to afford vet bills necessary for a pet!). Last year, I went through a phase where I would spam my friends on WhatsApp with pictures of them

8) Dancing and lip syncing to songs in my PJs. And also singing (badly) with friends!

One of my friends and I went through a phase of singing 'Do You Wanna Build A Snowman' from the Frozen soundtrack back when the film was released. One of us would sing one line (out of the blue) and then the other one would sing the next and so on. We once did this down a corridor at uni where we thought we were alone but then another one of our friends appeared from around the corner and just goes, 'what the f***, guys?', which made us all laugh!

For me, singing is a whole lot of fun but I think if you had to listen to me sing, you'd think otherwise. I'm pretty much tone deaf but that doesn't stop me - life is too short to feel self-conscious about something so silly :)

9) Spending a whole day in PJs.

I rarely get the chance to spend a whole day in pyjamas anymore and it's something I definitely miss doing once in a while. Bra off + PJs or camisole and leggings on = bliss!

10) Wearing a bit too much mascara, 'by accident'.

Mascara is the only bit of make-up I wear on a regular basis and usually, it's quite subtle. However, once in a while, I get a bit too heavy-handed and apply a bit too much accidentally on purpose because why not?

Although I don't usually write posts like these, I really enjoyed writing this one. Do you have any guilty pleasures that you're not too embarrassed to share? :)


  1. first off, i have the same sunglasses as you! (except mine are the black and cream ones). my guilty pleasure would definitely be oatmeal lmao. i fricking love oatmeal, i could eat it for every meal.

    but speaking of meals, my other guilty pleasure is cooking elaborate meals - so i guess as far as guilty pleasures go mine aren't bad lol!

    1. Great taste in sunglasses ;) Oh my goodness, oatmeal is such a good guilty pleasure to have - it's so healthy! A lot of my guilty pleasures are food related but I didn't think that'd make for a good blog post ;) do you blog about your meals? I'd definitely be interested if you did! x

  2. I don't know where to start ;) My guilty pleasures are definitely series (currently watching The Walking Dead & The Good Wife). Brunching with friends, sleeping in, stealing cereals from my bf, snapchatting, and my blog x


    1. Your guilty pleasures are very similar to mine! :) Great minds, eh x

  3. I love mascara. No matter what else I put on my face, mascara is the one thing that always make my eyes look brighter and wider - which is important for me, as they're hidden behind glasses all the time! I wish I enjoyed sunglasses, as I have a few adorable pairs, but with the glasses bit, I have to either wear bad clip ons that don't look nice at all, or not be able to see! xD

    1. Agree! I don't bother with much else but with my oriental eyes (I'm allowed to say that, right?!), I have to use mascara. Have you tried contact lenses? They are the only reason I can wear sunglasses :) x

  4. I love this post! Such a fun idea :) I'm with you on the Nutella straight from the jar...it's gotten to the point where it's dangerous to keep in my house. And I've wiled long hours of my childhood away playing Roller Coaster Tycoon (or The Sims) and I'm sure would enjoy it just as much today! My main guilty pleasures are watching Glee, America's Next Top Model, and occasionally The Bachelor...and on most days consuming one (or all) of my meals in bed.

    1. Hehe, when I found out my sister ate Nutella out of the jar, I had to pretend I was horrified - mainly because my mum was also present during that conversation haha.

      The Sims is an amazing game! I downloaded The Sims 2 for Mac when I found it on the App Store and have had to refrain from playing it every spare second I have hehe x

  5. Oh, rom-coms and people watching are definitely mine too... and eating Nutella from the jar!

  6. Oh, rom-coms and people watching are definitely mine too... and eating Nutella from the jar!