7 May 2015

my first throwback thursday

On one of my procrastination sessions a few months' ago, I found some images from when I first started this blog. As I have exams at the moment, this blog post is scheduled in advance but the content is still appropriate for my first throwback Thursday.

So, first up, I found this picture of one of my weeks back in 2010. It's almost five years to the week too and it's amazing how much, or little, changes! Back then, I was in my first year of my undergraduate degree and had exams coming up the following month (not dissimilar to my current situation I guess, except this is my second year and exams resume in a few days, eek!). The use of colour is still present and I really like how minimalistic it is compared to my current weeks.

Sadly, the Filofax in the image (Finchley in jade green) is no longer in my possession and I no longer use a ring binder as my planner. Like I mentioned earlier in the year, I'm not sure I'll ever return to a ring binder diary as there are so many bound ones out there that I want to give a go at least once.

My second image is one of my sister and I when I was two years old (she is just under four months' old here). Though I remember feeling jealous at some points when I was younger after the arrival of my sister, this image doesn't show that at all! My sister is in the chair and is holding her hand out to me (not sure why!) and I seem to have a really innocent look on my face: one that makes me wonder what naughty thing I'd done prior to this photo!

So there you have it: my first throwback Thursday. I'm not sure if I did this right but it was nice to look back to five years' ago and also twenty-two years ago (gee, that makes me feel old). It also makes me appreciate the events and things that have made me who I am today that bit more.


  1. I noticed that you were using French Filofax diary refills. Any reason for that?

    What a cute little girl you were!!

    1. Hi Nathalie, thank you for your lovely comment :) At the time, I'd ordered a Filofax from the France website and it came with French refills :) I do prefer the layout of them to the UK ones x