7 Jun 2015

my week #164

This week was filled with a teaching session, a meeting and a clinic followed by a day of data analysis and then a day of admin. Three colleagues and I have formed a team for the upcoming student union elections because we've decided to run for next year's 'year representatives'. We're going up against another strong team but what we've got on our side is diversity. Obviously, my obsession with meticulous planning means we have a plan of attack (not against them mind you - we won't stoop that low!) all set out for campaign week which starts tomorrow. I may even blog about this process in the future because I actually found it all quite enjoyable and here's hoping it all pays off!

Aside from that, I spent yesterday cleaning the house and today baking. I used to think I was quite extroverted but maybe I'm more introverted than I'd like to admit. Sometimes, there's nothing better than spending the day in solitude with some flour, sugar and butter :)

How has your week been?


  1. Love your last line! Hahahahaaa
    ps. My boyfriend and I are very fond of the introverted life <3

  2. I'm studying for exams this week! ><

  3. I'm so obsessed with your blog! It's gorgeous and I'm amazed at how you fit everything into your busy schedule! As a student myself, you give me so much inspiration with your university and studying posts :) <3