21 Jun 2015

my week #166

This week has been a crazy one for sure. It made me realise that although I have an overwhelming desire to make a difference (hence why I chose to embark on a medicine degree), there was a reason why I didn't choose politics instead. Whenever politics come into play, lies enter the foray and I dislike lying intensely. Why stab someone in the back or tell untruths to gain the trust of your voters? You'll only get found out in the end and it's entirely disrespectful to everyone else. Based on this, you can probably guess that my team weren't successful in the student elections, we did not tell a single lie or cheat and for that, we can hold our heads high. We don't mind losing fairly (and we were the underdogs from the beginning anyway!) but at the same time, this result gives us each more time to study and get involved in research projects.

In other news - I bought an iPod Shuffle for £6 this week (new!) thanks to Tesco Clubcard vouchers! And on Wednesday, I accidentally ate a gluten bun (I ordered a burger for the first time since starting a gluten free diet in December 2014 and totally forgot to ask for a gluten-free bun) and am still paying for the effects today. The bloating, abdominal cramps and lethargy is unbearable and I wouldn't have believed this intolerance were it not for a professional medical opinion. Not to mention that these symptoms aren't present when adhering to a gluten-free, dairy-free diet.

How has your week been? Is there anything you'd like to see on this blog in the coming months? Currently drawing up my editorial calendar for the next six months! :-)

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