28 Jun 2015

my week #167

This week, I was flat-sitting for my sister and had some girl-friends over for dinner on Thursday evening. It was lovely to just have a laugh with some food and without any boys around (won't say good food as I'm not that great a chef!). Although I do have some close guy friends too, a girly chat just isn't the same with them (trust me, I've tried!) Nothing like some great company to cheer you up when times haven't been the greatest over the last few weeks! 

In terms of university stuff, I've just been getting on with my project which is essentially an audit and have also started studying some stuff in preparation for the next academic year. Next year is beastly - it's my penultimate year at medical school but we're expected to know what we should know by the time we finish medical school! However, I'm really enjoying everything I learn on this course so it doesn't feel like a chore.

How has your week been?

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