27 Aug 2015

journals: looking back at how I've changed

Keeping journals is a nice way to look back at our lives when we were younger and perhaps less knowledgable about life. However, keeping journals don't mean you have to stick to writing down all your inner thoughts and dreams; I like keeping holiday journals too. My holiday journals are mainly for my holidays to Hong Kong because that's my heritage: my parents were born there so I'm 100% Hong Kongnese by blood. Therefore, I like to keep as thorough a diary as possible of my time there.

From top to bottom: a travel journal of my time in Hong Kong in 2009, my 'normal' journal from 2012 - 2015 and another travel journal of my time in Hong Kong in 2013.
After exams, I had a week or two where I genuinely had nothing to do - and I don't get to say that often - so I decided to have a flick through these old journals. And the first one I had a look through was my 2009 Hong Kong one.

This one is a journal from a brand called 'Sukie' and though the quality of the paper was a bit shoddy, I loved the retro design of the front. The inside was perfect with integrated mini-envelopes, ideal for slotting in those small momentos and tickets from the holiday.

Comparing the above journal with my one from my 2013 Hong Kong holiday, I've noticed that I'm less inclined to write about the things I bought and have referenced family events and food more in the 2013 one. I guess our priorities change as we get older?!

Also, I can see how technology has changed too because back in 2009, I didn't have a phone with a decent camera but in 2013 I did. This is reflected by a distinct lack of photos in the 2009 journal.

Finally, my 'normal' journal. It pretty much documents my journey from the end of my first degree to my current one. A lot of my entries were based around my medicine application/want to do medicine and some trivial worries including the thought that I was too young to be accepted onto a graduate-entry medicine course (completely ridiculous in hindsight). No images of the inside of this one unfortunately - as most of the entries are very personal!

Looking back at these journals has made me see just how much I've changed as a person and what values are now at the forefront of my mind. I'm glad I kept these journals as it allows me to reflect on what changes to myself have been for the better and what other areas of myself may need improvement in the future. After all, it's never too late to change into a better version of myself, right?


  1. It is so interesting to reflect on ourselves and how we've changed. I used to write in a journal everyday when I was younger... maybe I should start again! Lovely post x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

    1. Definitely! It's kind of fun but also a bit cringe to read back on older, juvenile entries hehe x