15 Oct 2015

how my desk looks during a study session

Originally, I wanted to show how my desk was organised (at its tidiest) but that's not an accurate representation of how it looks when functional. So, today, I thought I'd share how my desk looked on the Sunday just gone (because I usually take Saturdays off when it comes to studying).

Allow me to explain the contents:

Top Left Quadrant 
You can see my bunny bookshelves there (courtesy of the children's section from Marks and Spencer's!) which sandwich my journal, Rifle paper planner, my Seize the Day journal and two other notebooks.

Just below that are some post-it notes, a stick of Burt's Bees lip balm and some other girly items (such as hand cream, tweezers and a pocket mirror).

I also have snacks at the ready here in the corner (both visible in the form of clementines, dark chocolate, mints and some ginger sweets in the fox ceramic pot).

The cream paper is just one side of the (almost ninety pages of) learning objectives I need to get through before the end of this academic year. Ominous times but I'm getting through them at a good pace so I'm hopeful they will all be done and learnt by exam time.

Top Right Quadrant
Some more post-it notes of various sizes reside here, pens, a learning resource on vaginal examinations (in preparation for my Obstetrics and Gynaecology placement) and some facial moisturiser (no idea what this is doing on my desk if I'm honest). My daily to-do list resides on one of these post-it notes too and at the end of the day, tasks that still need doing are transferred to a new list with the old one thrown away.

Lower Left Quadrant
Here you'll find a notebook from first year (after all, things learnt back then are still important now) and a textbook on Orthopaedics and Rheumatology.

Lower Right Quadrant
Again, nothing much here aside from my A4 Oxford notebook and my computer mouse.

I try and combine textual resources with online resources whenever possible which is why my computer is on during these study sessions. Another thing I like to have in the background is some instrumental or soothing music (Sleeping At Last is my current favourite) and sometimes, a candle will also be lit, especially if it's nearing bedtime.

Overall, my desk is a mess during these sessions but it gets tidied at the end of each day.

How does your desk look when used productively? Are there any items you need on your desk at these times?


  1. I love how your desk looks like this when you study... mine is never this neat. I always have at least five books out and open, my notebook, and my laptop, plus tea or coffee (probably coffee) and all the other random crap I have on my desk.

    1. Thanks Zoe! I don't think my desk looks that neat - it actually looks quite chaotic to me but maybe that's the perfectionist in me talking ha! x

  2. Love this blog! I usually am in the office all day and I usually just have my Filofax out, Wall Street Journal, laptop attached to a bigger monitor, notebook with my daily calendar page printed out w. tasks, and my water / coffee readily available to my right. On my white board in my cube, I also have the monthly calendar printed out and huge meetings highlighted. On the far right corner of my desk are marketing materials for colleagues to grab if they need it.

    Then around my desk are images of celebrities with me when I did photo ops at conferences. It looks a little childish but ... it makes me happy at work to look at them. And it reminds me daily that work pays for what I enjoy doing and that's being a fangirl. Hehe

    Keep posting and blogging. Love it!

    1. Thanks Jan! I love the idea of having inspirational images around your workspace - definitely something I want to add to mine :) Your work area sounds very organised but also very productive too! x