21 Feb 2016

my week #201

This week was a bit disappointing. I was on trauma but didn't see much in theatres or in clinics unfortunately. As a student, this wasn't great for my learning. Trauma was one of those specialties that has interested me as a potential career path (right from the start of medical school) so it was a bit gutting that this week didn't quite feed this interest.

Because my timetable was a bit lighter than usual this week, I took the chance to catch up with as many friends as possible :)

How has your week been?


  1. I totally felt the same way about trauma - it ended up being a lot less surgeries, and a lot more time doing full system reviews/ABCD's and imaging from falls or MVAs. Hope you have more fun in the OR come your next few weeks. I got to see tons on pediatric surgery. They were busy busy busssyy!!

    1. Oh but system reviews and imaging would've been so helpful! We didn't even get that. One of my clinics was cancelled and my week's timetable was pretty quiet anyway which was a shame :(

      We don't do a rotation in paediatric surgery unfortunately :( x