12 Apr 2016

platinum plaisir: introducing and impression

Late in 2015, I acquired my first Platinum Plaisir because I really loved my Platinum 3776 Century Nice and wanted something a bit cheaper to lug around on the wards. I originally plumped for the silver one and then added a purple to my collection a little while later. Both are from Cult Pens, a company I can recommend for their amazing service, quick dispatch times and competitive prices.

The Platinum Plaisir is a super cheap cartridge fountain pen that writes extremely well. I think I prefer the purple one because the silver barrel is just a bit too reflective and shows up finger prints a bit too well for my liking. Though I like the weird metallic design, it does mean that it isn't the best for gripping. It's comfortable but in more humid climates or those with sweatier hands may find it a difficult pen to hold on to! It definitely feels very cheap but that's because it is! If I were to lose it on placement, I don't think I would be too gutted (though maybe mildly annoyed at myself).

It is a great starter fountain pen: lightweight, two nib sizes to choose from (0.3mm and 0.5mm), a wide range of barrel colours and easy and comfortable to hold. It writes like a dream (super smooth with little to no feedback) and it wrote as soon as the cartridge was inserted (some of the cheaper Parkers take a while to get going out of the box on previous experience!).

Overall, I am super impressed with this pen. I don't think it'll be replacing my Lamy Safari as my go-to placement pen anytime soon but never say never! I love the muted metallic lilac colour and how lightweight it is. Sometimes, I have more than one pen on my lanyard and this may well be my second choice alongside my Lamy!

Have you tried the Plaisir? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

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