26 May 2016

my study week #12: anatomy

Anatomy is a huge topic - no matter how much you know, there'll always be something more to learn. At least, that's how it feels to me. I've been fairly lucky in that the way anatomy is taught at my medical school means that it is all applied to a clinical setting. You could argue that this causes holes in our learning but so far, I've done okay in the anatomy sections of exams and also on placement when questioned on the anatomy of x or y.

With anatomy, I think it has to be a visual thing - the dissection room definitely helps, plastinated models are also good if you can get access to them and for me, drawing things out with the addition of a bit of colour.

An invaluable tool that has also worked for me are the Netter's anatomy flashcards. Perfect for testing yourself and also visualising things in a two-dimensional way, ready to consolidate your knowledge in theatre/practical sessions.

Do you have any tricks for learning anatomy?


  1. I like the anatomy! :) It was very interesting but I had another subjects too that's why I asked http://payforhomeworkhelp.com/ helped me because I couldn't and didn't want to do this. :)

  2. Also like human anatomy and love to drawing what i discovered from cadaver lab.Since I study in university i hate the Latin name but when i graduated ... I missing the day I work with human body and trying to remember every part of myself.
    I have Netter's book but didn't buy his flashcard cuz it hard to find in my country and shipping from another country very expensive . I did my own flashcard using picture from internet or draw it myself. It's work!!!