5 May 2016

posters for those 'hard to remember' topics

Last academic year, I made posters for the major conditions we needed to know about and this year, I followed the same routine. Because the number of conditions I need to know about has increased by about a thousand fold (kind of kidding), I needed to be more selective with what things I dump onto a side of A4. Here are three examples :)

Multiple Sclerosis

I'm okay with talking about multiple sclerosis, theories as to its cause, investigations and treatments, etc but when you throw in the phrase 'internuclear ophthalmoplegia', I break out in a cold sweat. This made me decide that it might be a good idea to put it on a poster to at least try and make it easier to understand.

MND and Parkinson's Disease

These two topics are ones that I'm generally okay with but the different types of MND and the Parkinson's treatment options can be overwhelming, especially for someone like me who has no interest whatsoever in neurology. 


Finally, malaria! Similar to the previous example, the different types of malaria and the treatment options can be quite easy to mix up so to put it on a poster can allow me to organise it all easier in my mind. It also gave me the opportunity to draw a cute little anopheles mosquito too (though they are not so cute if you think about the chaos they can create through a little bite).

I talked about posters here and also here if you want to see/read more :)


  1. I love your posters! They are so neat and beautiful. What is the pen you use for the titles ("Malaria", "Parkinson's Treatment")?

  2. I love these! I wish my revision looked so neat... x