28 Jun 2016

book: brian o'driscoll - the test

This is a different book post than usual but it's nice to do something a bit different sometimes.

Back in February, one of my friends let me borrow her copy of Brian O'Driscoll's (BOD) autobiography. For those who don't know, I'm a huge sports fan and rugby union has long been at the top of that list. I'm a Scotland fan but BOD was a player I loved watching. Whenever he gets interviewed, he's super humble and just seems really down to earth for someone who was one of the best at his game.

I found the autobiography funny, extremely humble and quite eye-opening at times. It really put into perspective just how far rugby has come as a professional sport and just how serious a career it can be for those playing at a high level. He also explained the worries he had about his career and I guess things are a bit different for sports people as careers often don't last that long.

I don't often read autobiographies but this one was a good one. Even if you're not a big rugby fan but are a fan of humble sportsmen who tell it like it is, this is worth a read. I read it in six days whilst on surgery placement (so 8am - 5pm days!) which is an indication of just how well written and absorbing it was as a read.

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