23 Jun 2016

my study week #13: moleskine cahier (+ a mini review!)

A few years ago, I said that Moleskine was an overhyped brand. Fast forward to 2015 when I decided to try a cahier that I found on sale at TK Maxx and I think they must have improved the quality of their paper. Back then, Moleskines didn't take well to pens that were inkier or wetter than average but I've found that this cahier is perfectly okay with fountain pen ink. Considering their prices haven't increased that much over the last few years, this is great news and has me quite excited to try out notebooks from their main range, and maybe even one of their diaries next year.


  1. I used to not like their paper and remember writing in a Moleskine journal I had with a fineliner, that didn't turn out so well. Maybe I should give them another chance. :)

  2. I still find the Cahiers to have pretty terrible paper - even my F Pilot nibs bleed through. I got these in 2016 so I'm not sure if the paper upgrade has yet to reach Canada or if it's leftover and mixed into the current stock.
    For me, I'll only be buying the Volants from now on because they've been consistently good with fountain pens (but far from excellent).

  3. I have never tried a moleskin journal, but I'm really tempted to try one now!