21 Jul 2016

how much stationery do you carry around every day?

Most of us will have a pencil case we carry with us to university, school, college, work, etc. Almost exactly a year ago, I showed you all what was in my pencil case at the time and today, I want to ask: what's in your pencil case on a daily basis?

Do you sway more towards colour or basic blues and blacks? I like to try and keep things simple and fountain pen or two, a Bic biro, a few coloured gel pens, a few Zebra Mildliners and a pencil and eraser sometimes. I like to also carry an ink cartridge but sometimes I don't if I know my fountain pens are filled adequately.

Do you also like to carry sticky notes and page flags? Page flags are a must as I often have a book with me in clinic so I like to bookmark important pages.

Basically, I'm just curious about what you all carry in terms of stationery. I'm always wary of my bag being heavy so I try and limit how much is in my pencil case. If you've done a blog post on this, let me know - I would love to have a look :)


  1. I have currently a few (4 or 5?) Fountain pens, a Pilot Coleto, 3 mechanical pencils with 0.2mm, 0.4mm, or 0.5mm, and a blackwing pencil that has a eraser so I don't have to carry one. I rotate my pens/pencils, but most of the time I rotate the "ink color" in my fountain pens. I carry a Midori Passport Travelers notebook that has a zip pocket insert to put my flags, stickies and washi tapes.
    By the way, I don't need to use writing instruments at my work, but I'm trying to implement the use of my pens (e.g. use paper schedulers instead of the Google calender etc.)

  2. In my Gillio Pocket Compagna I have a mechanical pencil and a 4 barrel Coleto with pink/blue/purple/black inks for colour coding, as well as some Post It notes. In one of my zip pouches I have my Pilot Kakuno fountain pen and one or two black biros (for writing prescriptions and med charts). I usually have a Clairefontaine A5 notebook in my bag for making notes as I read when I'm studying. Sometimes I also have a zip pouch of flashcards and a Le Sportsac two zip compartment pouch full of Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, Zebra Mildliners, a couple of Pilot Frixion pens, and a bunch of blank index cards, all for making flashcards. Mind you, if I wasn't studying for a Fellowship exam in less than 4 months time, it would be just the planner, fountain pen and biros.

  3. I have two pouches I carry in my backpack--a thin one, which has my main essentials: pilot metropolitan, two muji gel pens (black and red), a highlighter, pencil and eraser. The larger pouch is filled with other muji colors, my pilot juice pens thst i only use when re-writing my notes. I find it easier to differentiate between the two since I don't need to dig around a lot to find my main tools.

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    1. I carry my pilot frixon pens, highlighters, sticky notes and stickers for my planner. I feel like I have so many stationary supplies in my bag. Because I use them for work and school, it's a must have. I'd say 50% of my bag contents are stationary supplies.