5 Jul 2016

introducing my 2016-17 planner: Le Petit Prince Moleskine

Last month, I'd noticed that I'd been using my Rifle Paper planner less and less due to it's bulkiness. I knew then that it was time for a change and even though I was on a shopping ban, I need a planner that works for me to function in life so I splurged on this Le Petit Prince Moleskine. And let me just say this: I'm in love.

The cover is clothbound and I love the contrasting pink elastic and yellow page marker. I've purchased a Leuchtturm1917 pen loop to go with it and I chose a turquoise colour (not seen in the photos below). The inside page is illustrated beautifully with a fox (I have a slight fox obsession so this is perfect).

There are yearly and monthly calendars too:

And I opted for a week to view planner. I like the amount of space on offer in each weekly spread and this free space on the right was what I was missing in my Rifle Paper planner.

At the back, there is a pocket for all those loose bits and it is illustrated beautifully with stars and planets.

Overall, I love this planner. I know I ranted about Moleskine paper a few years' ago but it seems they've really improved the quality of their paper without compromising too much on price or weight of their notebooks and planners.


  1. It is a lovely planner, indeed!
    You allude to the paper quality. Could you tell me if it is fountain-pen (fine nib) or Stabilo friendly? I used Moleskine notebooks many years ago but it was impossible to write with fountain pens then.

    1. Hello! It is fountain pen friendly (I have been using my Pilot Kakuno with a fine nib, inked with Diamine blue-black in it) - no show through with minimal bleeding virtually invisible to the naked eye. Not quite sure about thicker nibs though :) x

  2. What a totally gorgeous planner! I never know how to feel about Moleskine and have just started myself in a Filofax but this is making me lust for a book now!

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  3. Is this the pocket size, or the medium size? :)

  4. Ahhhh it's so cute! I've just started a bullet journal... but if I hadn't I might have had to get my hands on this! Looking forward to seeing more about how you're using it :) x

    Polly Cat Contemplates

  5. I bought this same exact planner, although the inside of mine is not nearly as neat as yours! This type of planner was the first type I loved, and I've come back to it. This size is so nice to carry with me on the go!

  6. This is adorable! I used a planner for most of the year but then suddenly stopped. Not sure what I should do now, but this almost makes me want to get one!

    Aisling | anthologie.