17 Jul 2016

my week #222

Exam season is well and truly underway! I had two OSCE exams this week (these are practical exams where we might have to take a history from a patient, explain something, do an examination, a mixture of all three, interpret results, do a procedure, etc - basically, it can be on anything). I'm sure these exams are a source of angst among medical students worldwide but, sadistically, I found myself really enjoying Wednesday's session.

Another two exams and theoretically I'm done for the academic year... Until my university decided to throw in a week of compulsory lectures immediately after the exams period. After that, I'm planning on going on a European jaunt for just over a week :)

How has your week been?


  1. I'm a physician and professor at a medical school in the US. I design OSCE's for the students in our school. It's nice to read that someone enjoys them. I had a student tell me today that when she's with regular patients she feels fine but when she's in the OSCE she just wants to vomit everywhere. LOL.... Best of luck. I love reading your blog.

  2. I must admit - I would get crazy nervous and incessantly prepare for OSCE's at my med school. However, once the time came, I had a ton of fun with the standardized patients and found it a great learning process.

  3. Hi! Good luck on your exams! I don't know if this is happening to everyone, but the pictures from your blog are not appearing to me... :(
    Have a nice week, Angela!

  4. Oh, I fix it! It was something from my browser! Just to let you know =)
    Have a nice vacation!