30 Aug 2016

my fourth and final year's arsenal (eek!)

My fourth and final year started last week and here are my chosen bits and pieces for these first few months.


Unsurprisingly, the Lamy Safaris make an appearance here - they are my workhorse pens and I like using fountain pens as it means I can write quickly and neatly.

However, I do like to have a few back-up biros as a lot of paperwork on the wards require a black pen to be used (as I usually ink my Lamy pens with a blue-black colour).


My Hobonichi finishes at the end of this year so after that, I'll be using my A6 notebooks as before. Here, the Iconic A6 essay books come back out to play and this Pantone notebook has been knocking about on my bookshelf for years and I think it might finally be time to use it.


The ultimate thing I need are clothes with pockets so dresses and skirts that have pockets are the absolute best. In them, I can put a small snack, a pen torch and my phone. A stethoscope is important on placement so that'll go around my neck and the roll of tape always goes on my lanyard or on my stethoscope. A bottle of water is a must - I like to stay hydrated and I know I'm extremely bad at this whilst dashing around on the wards.

Overall, final year has come around super quickly. I still remember receiving my offer like it was yesterday so the fact that I could be a doctor in about eleven months' time is a little scary!

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  1. Congratulations on reaching fourth year! Your pantone notebook is adorable, I bet it looks lovely with your pink lamy :) Good luck with the year xo