30 Oct 2016

my week #237

This week was my last on my surgery assistantship and I felt super sad about it! I loved the team I was with and I really felt like I was useful during this time, doing discharge summaries, taking blood, scrubbing in when they needed someone, etc. It's made me all the more excited to do this next year and get paid for it all :)

My sister and I went to the Science Museum Lates on Wednesday and it was a lot of fun. They had a lot of interactive stalls and as someone who gets bored easily, this was a good thing! I would definitely recommend going to one if you're interested in a free (!) educational evening where it is acceptable to have a drink or two whilst still learning ;)

How has your week been?

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  1. Hi Angela! My week was ok... I three different doctors in the past month and they all said I might have fibromyalgia. I am a bit scared of taking the medication, it seems very strong. :(
    But, "never give up, never give in", right? (I'm a Whovian, after all).
    I hope you have a nice week!