13 Oct 2016

what's in my pencil case #3

My pencil case is now looking much less a pencil case rather than a place for all things random. Here is the proof...

As you can see, I have the most random bits: Trebor mints, Loveheart sweets, Nuxe lip balm, a selection of pens (at least one being a fountain pen), Benefit Dandelion blusher, a Gin Gin sweet, a Ricola sweet and a bulldog clip. 

My pencil case has become a dumping ground for things that don't have a place in my handbag. As a result, I'm not quite sure if it even qualifies as a 'pencil case' anymore! Maybe more like a pouch of random items :)

1 comment

  1. Hello Angela! I love your style with regards to stationery. Where do you keep all your fountain pens when they are not in this pencil case? x