29 Jan 2017

my week #250

Happy Chinese new year to you all! I wish you all good health, prosperity and advancement in whatever you do, be it study or work or both. This weekend started with a board game night hosted at my sister's but featuring my friends. It was a lovely night filled with good banter, food and laughter and a good time was had by all. Saturday was a day spent with the family to ring in the new year and today is a day reserved for studying as I have an exam on Friday!

I also started my Accident and Emergency (A&E) placement this week and this is a specialty I've earmarked as a potential pathway I may go down in the future. It's been good so far but not as exciting as anticipated. Still, I'm aiming to get an A&E job during my foundation years as these feelings may change if the situation were to be different (i.e. paid!).

How has your week been?

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