26 Feb 2017

my week #254

This week marks the beginning of my last clinical placement before exams - a week of hands-on sim training and lectures which was really good! Sim training is good for people like me - I get bored sitting in lectures and actually doing stuff is how I learn.

On Friday, we had a full day workshop of breaking bad news and it was really good preparation for doing something that is thoroughly unpleasant. Although the people we broke the bad news to were actors, it didn't make things any easier and I can imagine it being even harder when in a real situation.  Typically, I manage to draw the piece of paper that had the hardest scenario on but it was good practice in a safe environment.

How has your week been?

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  1. Hello! I follow you on Feedly, and this post struck a chord. I've had a doctor need to break bad news to me -- duodenal cancer. He was my Gastrointestinal specialist. He said it in the gentlest way possible, and his whole professional relationship with me was lovely because he had so much compassion. I think perhaps this was key, for me -- the fact that he was gentle and had compassion for how he knew I'd feel. :) Best of luck, I know you can do it.