2 Mar 2017

introducing stationary from Jeeves and Co. Design Studio

Last year when I went to Stockholm for a brief holiday, the first thing I bought were stamps and postcards to send to friends and family back here in the UK. Every Christmas, letters are also sent to friends around the country so letter sets and correspondence cards are something that will see a fair bit of use in my collection of stationery.

When Pippa from Jeeves & Co. Design Studio got in contact, I knew that their custom selection of stationery would be perfect to share with you guys. The beautiful designs are the work of Pippa Geaves and all of her products are 100% recycled with a proportion of profits going to the Woodland Trust. A further plus is that all of the products are made in the UK. Earlier this year, I decided to go vegetarian in an effort to be as eco-friendly as possible (but also because of various other more personal reasons) and stationery like this is one way to maintain that philosophy.

The products arrived in a well-packaged box that included a cute correspondence card with a personal message from Pippa herself (always a nice touch!) and a business card.

In the package were two cards and two correspondence sets.

The cards are made of high quality 100% recycled card. The inside is left blank for you to include your own message and the envelope is a brown kraft style. These are the kind of cards you'd expect to find in that kitsch village craft shop run by someone local - and actually, those are the kind of shops I currently buy my cards from. There's nothing like supporting a local business. 

The first of the two corresponding sets is the Cat Attack one which is comprised of five sheets of writing paper, five correspondence cards and ten white envelopes. You can customise these quantities to your liking and also customise the header too. I chose to just have my name as the header but you can include an address, URL or even social media handles if you so wished.

The cat illustrations are absolutely beautiful and the quality of printing matches the quality of the paper. These are the perfect correspondence stationery for when you want to be a bit more playful with a bit more personality showing through compared to the floral stationery sets you see crowding the shelves of stationery stores.

If the Cat Attack set is a bit too plain for you and you want something a little more sophisticated, then how about the Cosmic Forest set?

This set features eight different characters and you can choose a set which features just one of the eight or a set that has a variety of them. My favourite bit of this set are the paw prints that adorn the edges of the paper and correspondence cards. This set has a more mature but playful air about it and is again, printed on 100% recycled paper. The headers are customisable and with a potential change of address in the next twelve months or sooner, I chose not to have my current address printed there.

All in all, I'm impressed with the beautiful stationery on offer here. The quality is there and the permutations for customisation mean that though the designs stay the same; the paper, envelopes and header can totally vary from person to person even if they have both chosen the same set. I can see these sets being the perfect gift for someone who adores letter writing so if you know of someone and their birthday is coming up... Well, I'm sure there'll be a design that'll suit them perfectly.

What do you think about Jeeves and Co.?

** Although these items were supplied free of charge, I have reviewed them as if I had paid for them and as honestly as possible. Thank you to Pippa for affording me this opportunity to review these notebooks :) I do not receive any commission for the links on this page.

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