15 Jun 2017

korean make-up mini reviews: eyes and lips

A while back, I did a few mini reviews about some Korean face and cheek products and today, here are a few more mini reviews about some eye and lip products.

VDL x Pantone Eye Book 6.4 - No. 5

My sister returned from Korea with this palette and isn't it beautiful on the outside and the inside? The mirror is huge and the hinge is sturdy enough for it to stay open, regardless of the angle. The shadows are buildable and that's what I personally prefer. It's not the most portable of palettes though!

Heimish Dailism Eyeshadow Palette in Lovesome Brink

Another palette with buildable shadows and this one is ideal for travelling. It is lightweight, small and has a decent sized mirror. The colours are also nice and neutral; so ideal for everyday wear and also for going out too.

Tony Moly Panda's Dream Mascara

This is my Holy Grail mascara. Cheap, smudge-proof and comes off easily without any scrubbing - what's not to love? If I use curlers before applying two coats of this mascara, I get a decent curl that opens up my eyes and a full day of wear with no smudging. Perfect.

As an aside, my sister bought me this as a surprise gift (it wasn't a request from me unlike some of the other items she returned with) and it was a pleasant surprise to the both of us when we realised how well it performed. I've since re-ordered it because it really is that good!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

My sister returned with a pair of these from Korea again - she snagged both in Duty Free while at the airport. They come with a replacement pad each too so are pretty good value for money when bought over there. They do a pretty good job - they fit my eye shape well and I have no complaints.

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow 

Have to confess - I'm still yet to use this as I've been using Anastasia Beverley Hills' Dip Brow Promade. I'll crack it out soon though as I want to test it out before my holiday - with the test determining if it comes with me on my jaunt or if my trusty Dip Brow does. It has good reviews all over the internet though!

Holika Holika Pro Beauty Foxy Eyeliners

Usually, I stick to dark brown or black eyeliner (on the days where I can be bothered!) but I wanted to branch out a bit so I ordered a purple one from Holika Holika. The other one is in dark brown as my Estee Lauder one needed replacing. They seem to stay put during the day and have a decent amount of pigmentation. Not too bad considering how cheap they are.

RiRe Luxe Gel Eyeliner

Again, a cheap eyeliner which seems to do its job. Good if you want to try out alternative colours to the normal black or dark brown!

Tony Moly Easy Touch Gel Eyeliner

These gel eyeliners were pretty disappointing. They had poor staying power (I got four hours out of one before it disappeared completely). The formula is decent and goes on easily with the use of a slanted brush but it just didn't give me a day's wear.

Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense Crayons

These crayons come in too many shades for me to count. I opted for three of them but my favourite is number 16 - Velvet Red. They have good staying power and add a bit of colour to your lips at the same time.

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Lost Identity Lip Crayon

I love these! Creamy, good staying power and don't dry my lips out. The sketchy design on the tube is also pretty cute!

Tony Moly Bunny Lip Gloss Bar

A gift from my sister (she was such a gem) from her (you guessed it) Seoul trip. This lip gloss is good if your lips are moisturised and exfoliated. If they are even a little bit chapped, this gloss won't look good!

So there you have it - a brief run through of all my Korean make-up products in my collection. It's unlikely anything will be added to it as I'm on a mission to finish everything before buying more (so far so good). My usual goal is as natural looking a face as possible so this is more than enough to help me achieve that.

Do you have any recommendations? :)

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