25 Oct 2017

studying as a post-graduate and as a doctor

Although I'm officially no longer a student, the learning never ceases in medicine. This is something that can be hard to fit in and with my rota averaging 46.25 hours a week (seven of which are unsocial), it is hard to keep up the energy and enthusiasm for some extra learning once the hospital is out of sight.

And as surgery and anaesthetics are at the forefront of potential career paths, I'm trying to stay on top of anatomy revision.

What's changed from my revision at university is that notes are now on loose leaf sheets of paper and in an A4 lever arch folder instead of in a notebook. This is because I'm continuously adding to the notes in the form of post-it notes, extra sheets of paper and various other print outs.

Something that hasn't changed is that fountain pen is still my pen of choice and that there is still an abundance of colour (though less so when you look at some of my other notes such as here, here and here).


  1. Great to see your notes are still as pretty as ever! Hope all is going well and you're not too exhausted!

    Zoe xoxo

    1. Hehe thank you! Things are well :) though I am perpetually tired at the moment. Hope things are well with you! xx

  2. Your notes are simply amazing, I wish I had enough time to make such neat ones - it always ends up as a total mess...
    Hello from a fellow med student! ♥