7 Feb 2018

fleur de lys extra large recycled leather wrap journal from central crafts

Journaling is something I do most nights (around 5 out of 7 nights a week) and it has been the one thing which helps me unload things that would usually keep me up at night. I'm someone who dives into things head and heart first - partly why I've always wanted to be a doctor - but it also means my mental health needs a bit more looking after.

Every night, I sit in bed with a journal and fountain pen and unload everything from the day that is still on my mind. I then reflect on how these things make me feel and what I can learn from them in the future.

You may have read recently in the news that a junior doctor was removed from the GMC register for reflecting about an adverse event on her online portfolio. Reflection is a big part of this job and I am now apprehensive at sharing my reflections online. Yet another reason for writing things down and storing these filled journals somewhere safe.

Anyway! I've digressed a bit. Today, I want to introduce Central Crafts to you all. They are a family run business with an ethos of sourcing high quality and ethically produced items. As an avid recycler, this is something I really respect. Too often, the throwaway culture currently present means that very little thought is put into how much waste we create.

Today, I have here the Fleur de Lys Recycled Leather Wrap Journal in extra large. A more thorough and handwritten review of the journal is in one of the photos below. Enjoy!

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