28 Mar 2018

introducing my first (two) pilot metropolitan(s)!

I was in Hong Kong for a week back in February and whilst there, I stumbled upon a Pilot fountain pen display in a department store. When I saw the ridiculously good price of the Pilot Metropolitan, I was unable to resist purchasing one... or two. But let me explain why two were bought!

The one that caught my eye initially was the gold one which had a dotted band around the centre. However, this only came in a medium nib so I purchased my favourite one that came with a fine nib: the orange and floral band version.

My Pilot Kakuno is always inked and everytime I use it, I always wish that it had a pen clip so that it could be taken to work. The nibs are pretty much identical on the Pilot Kakuno, Prera and Metropolitan so now I have the nib I want and a pen clip. Though I do love my Prera, the length is a bit too short to feel comfortable in my hand.

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