3 Oct 2018

my first vintage pen: the parker 51 vacumatic

Earlier on this year, a very kind soul gifted this Parker 51 Vacumatic to me. This is my first properly vintage pen as I understand it is from the 1940s. It is in excellent nick and has served me well at work. I have since stopped carrying it at work for fear of losing it. It already holds some sentimental value despite only having been in my possession for such a short period of time.

The pen clip is the standard Parker arrow we are all used to seeing but it has an added design of the Parker name at the top, with a blue diamond. I love these extra little features and I wish this attention to detail were still present in today's modern pens. The pearl jewel on top is another lovely little detail too. 

The vacumatic action is intact and works very well. It took some getting used to at first but I am definitely appreciating how much ink this pen can hold compared to normal cartridge/converter pens.

The nib is a fine one and writes a line fine enough to my liking.

As this is my first vintage fountain pen, I have had nothing to compare it to. Back in January, I featured this pen as one on my current wishlist and I can definitely see why it is so highly revered within the fountain pen community. It is a workhorse of a pen and if treated with care, it is definitely one that will serve its owner well and for generations to come.

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