10 Feb 2022

using my bullet journal to record my running progress

In December 2020, I decided to start running regularly. Having been a keen sportswomen prior to that (regular netball, the odd game of squash, basketball, etc), I had a good basic level of fitness but for some reason, could never get into running and actually loathed it a bit!

However, lockdown changed things. Team sports were not allowed, meet ups were not allowed and most recreational grounds/gyms/fitness centres were closed. This meant I had to find my own way of exercise. I started out doing home workouts from Youtube but then decided that going out for a run might be the way forward.

Fast forward to now and I have to confess that I've well and truly caught the bug. I've gone from wanting to run 5k without stopping to now training for a half marathon and beyond. A fitness watch adorns my wrist whenever I am not at work and out for a run and I track every run and its stats. Although I used to take my netball very seriously and competitively, I've started becoming competitive with myself when it comes to my running. 

Every month, I track the days where I've done some exercise. I also wear a Myzone heart rate chest strap monitor which allows me to be competitive with myself each month; aiming to hit the Myzone set goal of 1300 MEPs (points for how long your heart rate stays in each of the various zones) and my own goal of 1500 MEPs. 

Each run is analysed on a basic level: how far I've run continuously, the average pace and how long it took me to complete that distance. Then each month, I add these figures up and also calculate an average. The other things I look at are cadence, training load and whether it was an effective workout - all statistics available on my fitness watch or its associated app. I'll be blogging about my watch in due course - long story short: I would highly recommend one if you like your stats and want to take your fitness to another level. 

My next step now, is to improve my speed and distance I can run. My watch will help with that but I'm also doing a lot of reading around running, diet, rest, strength training, etc. In short, I've become a bit obsessed and my friends and family are probably sick and tired of me talking about all the running I do! 

Are you a runner? If so, any tips or tricks you're able to share? I'm not fast at all but am very willing to train hard to speed up! 

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