26 Sept 2018

introducing pure pens windermere fountain pen ink; a lovely dark blue!

Unfortunately, what you cannot see is the lovely red sheen when it catches the light at the right angle - but trust me when I say this: the sheen on this ink is amazing!

12 Sept 2018

introducing: the lamy al-star 2017 limited edition pacific blue fountain pen in extra fine

Lamy come out with limited edition Safaris and Al-Stars on a yearly basis and I try and only purchase the colours I like. The one I regret missing out on is the Copper Orange Al-Star and with 2017 drawing to a close at the time of this Pacific Blue's purchase, I knew I had to do it before all stock disappeared forever.

The Pacific Blue is a lovely bright blue which reminds me of the Caribbean, despite never having been there. It is cheerful and makes writing a pleasure.

As always, I plumped for the extra fine nib and writes more like a Western fine. However, that's to be expected with Lamy and their unpredictable extra fine and fine nib offerings.

This year's limited edition Safari just does not appeal to me and I have already reviewed this year's Al -Star in Vibrant Pink. I wonder what the 2019 colours will be...?

5 Sept 2018

a designworks pastel pink daydreams no 03 notebook

A few months' back, I needed a photo frame and ended up on the Paperchase website. Whilst there, this journal caught my eye and may have made its way into my order. It is a lovely pastel pink colour and the gold coloured spirals give it a sophisticated touch.

With 192 pages, this gives ample space for all those deep and dark thoughts...

The more important question is how well does the paper perform?! Well, it takes fountain pen extremely well. Fountain pens are the only ones used in my journal and I'm glad this trend can continue here. The sample below is written with a TWSBI Eco in an extra fine nib and you can see that there is extremely little bleeding and little to no showthrough. I also used a broader nib in the form of a Western fine and that also performed well.

Overall, I am very impressed with this journal and how well it performs with fountain pens. And it'll look so pretty on my bookshelf with all my other filled journals in due course.