31 Dec 2011

2012 - looking forward to...

So, with 2011 rolling to a close and 2012 looming on the ever nearing horizon, I thought I'd post the things I'm most looking forward to in 2012. Although I should hard at work right (exams are only 11 and 13 days away, eek!), I feel that taking a break to blog is also good.

1) Temperley for Filofax

I have blogged about this before earlier this year but I want to emphasise just how excited I am for this! Although it won't be on sale til later on the year (if rumours are to be believed), I'm still working up an appetite for it... and will probably end up selling a few belongings to get my hands on one of these beauties! The leopard print is delightful although I can't say I'm a fan of the zip design? Either way, I look forward to analysing this collaboration more as further details trickle out of the Filofax and fashion world grapevine.

2) Versace x H&M

With this second collection also Versace's last with H&M, I didn't think I would find anything I would like at all, if the first one was anything to go by anyway! For me, the first collection screamed trashy with a capital T but for some reason, I'm really enticed by the tropical fruit prints of the second collection! Although it has quite a summer theme to it, it will be on sale in mid-January - but online only - and guess who will be eagerly shopping this collection? You guessed it - me!

I especially love the shoes on the top left and also this bikini... And I may get plenty of use out of it too if I do well in my exams as I'm anticipating a summer holiday full of fun...and sun! Watch this space as I have many plans for the summer but I may have to sell my soul first in order to afford any of them.

And the shoes! Isn't the butterfly detail just so adorable? Though, I'm not sure if I am just in love with these pair of shoes because I like them or if I am in lust because it is another high street v designer collection?? Hmm, will have to sleep on this...

3) Graduation

Although I will be sad to leave Imperial and all the lovely people I've met through these few years of this degree, I will also be happy to close one chapter of my life that I have worked so hard in. I know that if I were to obtain a place on a medicine course, the hard work won't stop for another few years but for me, at least that means that these three years on this degree have been worth it. 

During my time here, I have had some amazing experiences - from karaoke with my Hong Kong friends in first year, hot pot to celebrate Christmas in halls in first year, an amazing year of netball with an amazing bunch of people in second year, learning how to deal with depression in second year, meeting my current boyfriend and lastly, meeting a whole bunch of people who I know I'll stay friends with for life. 


And so it is. I'm limiting this list to three because I want to be prepared for the unprepared next year. I'm usually someone who loves to make plans (that's why I own so many Filofaxes) but my boyfriend has taught me to be a bit more spontaneous and to take things as they come rather than plan. Even before he taught me this, my mum had been telling me that life doesn't always work out in the way that we plan it to. She's right - I never imagined I'd be such a commitaphobe in relationships after dreaming of weddings and children until the age of about 16! However, I'm trying to change that part of me (as it's a major negative) and just take things as they come.

To end this post, I would just like to say a major HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all - I know for some of you it will already be 2012 (I'm looking at you Australia and Far East Asia). I hope that, for all of you, 2012 is full of positives and that it's a brilliant one!

25 Dec 2011

2011 'can't live withouts'

Here are my 'can't live withouts' for 2011. I kinda slacked on the monthly ones but hopefully I will be better next year :-) Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the picture quality - my camera is in London and the colouring - I still need to purchase Photoshop for Mac.


The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter - it smells divine and makes my skin so soft, especially if I apply it after I've had a shower!

Cherry Carmex lip balm - I've been using Carmex for years and my little pot only ran out recently so I opted to try the cherry one for a change and it turns out that I prefer it to the original! Carmex moisturises my lips but now, the cherry flavour makes me want to lick my lips all the time - something I've had to refrain myself from doing countless of times.

No7 Shine Free Primer - honestly the best primer I have used. It's over £20 but if you buy it on the 3 for 2 deals or whatever No7 usually has going on, it's not too bad. I stock up when they have these offers as they're sealed so keeping them for a few months doesn't matter too much.

Other heroes: tea tree oil (for those annoying little pimples and spots that come up after a night of bingeing on chocolate and sweets), Aussie shampoo (the only shampoo to actually keep my hair shiny and healthy) and Garnier B.B. cream (though I haven't tried any Korean brands but this one cuts the mustard just fine!).

Next, fashion.

My Ugg Australia earmuffs - the wind is chilly and the temperatures are dropping and what better way to look stylish than a pair of earmuffs! Hats don't suit me so these earmuffs do fine for me. (As you can see, mine are still in the box! I got them on sale and I can't stop wearing them already!)

A pair of riding boots - I got mine from the French Connection sale last year for £30! Such a bargain as they are 100% real leather and have lasted me so many wears since.

A thick wool coat - mine is from Reiss and the material is, I swear, the thickest I have ever seen in a winter coat EVER. (Well, for a wool coat anyway!)

Leggings - I'm more of a dresses and skirts kinda girl than a jeans and a casual tee one so leggings for me, are perfect. For dresses or skirts that are too short - a pair of leggings makes them acceptable and in the winter when tights are too thin an option to even contemplate, I opt for these bad boys.


My Filofax - well, what else? Since reverting back to my Filofax, I have had no regrets. It's honestly the best thing in my bag - it's pink and girly, crammed to death with silly scribblings but also holds my diary - something which is invaluable for planning and organisation for social, work and sport life.

Muji pens - I think I've mentioned these before on here but the 0.5mm gel pens are literally the saviour of my life. I've been using these for five years now and I wouldn't dream of switching. Although I do use other pens for other less important stuff, I opt for these when writing out lecture notes, writing in my Filofax or writing up information gained from reading academic papers and the like.

So, this is my review of 2011... my New Year's Resolution for 2012 is....not to have one! I'm going to try and be more relaxed in planning things by planning less (but still planning some things of course) and learn to be a bit more spontaneous - something my boyfriend is very good at as he's the complete opposite of me in this respect (he doesn't even own a diary.....!). Hope you all have had a very, very merry Christmas (with Santa bringing you what you wanted) and hope you all have an excellent New Year too!

19 Dec 2011

playing the waiting game

A third of my final year has already gone and I feel a little bit sad about it. Time seems to have flown for the past two years since the commencement of my degree and obviously, after all this time at the same university, I do feel attached to it. Imperial College has become a place where I have met friends for life - friends from my course, friends from halls and lastly, friends who I met through other friends but got along with really well.

This term has really emphasised one thing for me: make the most of your time. Don't waste time on Facebook when you can be out there interacting with other people. I'm thoroughly enjoying my time as hall senior and living in halls has one great benefit - there will always be someone there you can chill with or just chat to if you need/want. Although this term hasn't been the easiest for me emotionally - what with my family having a few problems (which have since been sorted, thank goodness), it has taught me to be a stronger person and also how to deal with shortcomings and things that are unexpected.

So, what is the main point of this blog post? Well, the waiting time, a.k.a UCAS. For those who don't know, UCAS is the portal all students have to go through if they want to apply to university. This may confuse some of you - I'm already at university - but the point is, I want to study medicine after my degree as I really, really, really want to be a doctor. A summer of work experience in two hospitals has allowed me to confirm that, hence why I've decided to go through the pain that is UCAS once more.

The waiting game, for the time being anyway, is over for me. I have heard back from all four of my universities and medicine courses. I have been invited to attend three interviews but have been rejected from one (my own university, as it happens!) without an interview. I won't go into reasons why because the reason infuriates me (as I know it's not my personal statement, not my work experience, not my grades... but one result in one section (out of four; where in the other three sections, I scored ridiculously highly in) in an entrance exam - though, this said entrance exam has got me interviews at the other two universities for two graduate courses and one undergraduate course so I probably shouldn't complain too much...).

I do feel a bit sad that my own university hasn't even given me a chance to prove myself through a face-to-face meeting. I've given so much to this university in terms of sport (netball and squash), subject (Biochemistry open day tours, Biochemistry buddy to younger students) and other things (hall senior) and I feel quite betrayed that I have felt such intense loyalty for my university when it clearly doesn't value me in the same way. Oh well, onwards and upwards and a change of scenery will be good too as the other two universities are just as prestigious and I am sure I will grow to love them as much as I love Imperial College London.
Anyway, my three interviews are after my exams, but not that long after my exams so this holiday for me is all about two things: revision and interview preparation. For me, there is no Christmas, no New Year - just an ominous countdown to two final exams and three interviews where I have to put my heart and soul into as for me, there is nothing I want more than to be a doctor.