The Blog
Paper Lovestory started back in 2010 (originally as Paper Rush Blog) because I wanted to share some stationery love and it has evolved as such. Mixed in, you'll find nuggets of  my love of fountain pens, fountain pen ink and all things relating to paper.

The Author
Hello! I'm Angela and I live in the South East of England. I was brought up in the Highlands of Scotland and miss it a lot. After graduating with a degree in Biochemistry, I opted to go and study graduate-entry Medicine and am now a junior doctor, working within the National Health Service. I'm currently in training to be a urologist. 

I have a wide range of interests ranging from stationery, pretty notebooks, fashion (particularly A-line skirts with pockets), Korean beauty, American TV series (Grey's Anatomy steals a considerable amount of my free time), sport (especially netball, running, rowing, squash, rugby union and football) and books.

Want to work with me? Email me at angela@paperlovestory.com :)

My most recent re-introduction post can be found here (August 2021)

Guest Posts
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