14 Jul 2011

how I use my moleskine for university

One of my many problems at uni was time management. Not in the sense that I wasn't optimizing my time but in the sense that I found that I had too much to do sometimes! So, I had to make sure that all my time was optimized and I did this using my Moleskine. Now, my Moleskine is pretty big in terms of the amount of space I had to write things in and I tried to use all that space to my advantage.

Now, as you can see below, I write in what time my lectures are, what the lecture is and also what lecture number it was. From this, I can deduce how much time I realistically have to do other things e.g. write these lecture notes up and revise them and also do other things such as socials, sport, etc.

Every day, I planned my outfits so that I would have one less thing to worry about.

I also used tick boxes for things I had to do - such as renewing library book loans (books are usually on one week loans).

As for the vitamin D and numbers - that correlates to the vitamin D capsules I've been taking. Maybe I just need to be in the sun more as I tend to walk in the shade when I'm out and about!

Any more questions or do you want more pictures? Let me know via a comment :)


  1. How do you make your Filofax(es) and Moleskine compliment each other? Do you take advantage of the bigger pages for time management/lists of assignments and then use the Filofax for more general to-do?

    I'm asking because I'm about to start an MA and need a new planner. I was going to do my own custom diary inserts (day per page) for Filofax, but the Moleskine could be useful in this regard.

    1. When I had my Moleskine, I only used that and I didn't use a Filofax so I can't answer the first question.

      The one thing I liked about my Moleskine was the design and the space I had to write any old rubbish I wanted down :) that's as much as I can help with to be honest as I didn't really use both together :( I do recommend you stick with one though as having two systems can be quite tricky to juggle.

      Good luck with your MA! x

    2. Oh, okay! This is the thing - the Filofax I have my eye on is so pretty (a grey Personal Chameleon) and I'm in love with the cotton cream paper, but I'm just concerned that there won't be enough space to keep on top of things. The Moleskine, while functional, just seems so boring in comparison. :( As with everything in life (especially clothes!), the style versus practicality war is raging.

      Thank you - I'm excited! :) (Although I need to up my organisational skills! Final year was too stressful)

    3. Oh the Chameleon really is a lovely binder. Do you mean the Aqua colour though? I don't think they did one in grey. I have one in Aqua and I love it, though, unfortunately, not as much as my Osterley!

      I think a Moleskine would suit you better from the sounds of it; or you could use a Filofax to begin with and if it's not working, upgrade to the Moleskine? x