28 Aug 2016

my week #228

My first week back and my first week of final year...! I know I've probably said this a few times in the past but it genuinely does feel like I received my offer yesterday and now, it's less than a year away until I'm set loose on the wards as a junior doctor. Scary and exciting in equal measure!

How has your week been?

25 Aug 2016

my study week #15: my pencil case at the end of year three

I'm super nosy so these sort of posts are ones I like! At the end of the year and with revision gearing up to a crescendo at the time, here were the contents of my pencil case:

From top left, clockwise: Pentel Energel, Bic biro, Twinings green tea teabags, phone charger, Lindt chocolate, Lamy ink cartridge, Lamy Safari coral, Pilot Prera, a select few Pilot Juice gel pens, Zebra Mildliners and hair bobbles.
My bag always gets really heavy towards the end of the year as I start toting around revision notes and Oxford Handbooks wherever I go. My pencil case is something else that increases in weight too but I tried to minimise this increase by only choosing a few Zebra Mildliners and a few coloured gel pens from my ridiculous collection (yes, I am aware of the fact that my stationery collection is extortionate...!).

I'm still using my Paul and Joe sister make-up bag as a pencil case as I just love the silky feel of it and the floral print of a pale blue background. The inside is a bit messy due to some minor ink leaks that have occurred in the past but that just adds a bit of character to it, right?

23 Aug 2016

this year's top 5 stationery additions so far...

This post was written at the end of July and I thought it was a nice time to do a 'top five additions of the year so far' kind of post. Here are my top five and why (in no particular order)...

1) Moleskine Le Petit Prince 2016-17 Weekly Planner
This came into use at the beginning of July and it's already filling up. I love the illustration at the front and some of the Le Petit Prince quotes pretty much sum up why I've chosen to follow the medical career path. As a result, this planner cheers me up whenever I use it :)

2) Lamy Safari in Dark Lilac
This year's Safari has seen so much use already since joining my pen collection in April. The matte finish is great and after switching the black EF nib to a silver F one, my writing experience with it has been excellent.

3) Pilot Prera Pink
Another pen that has saw a lot of use. I'm a big fan of the Pilot fine nib and this one did not disappoint. Smooth as butter and fine as a needle, I think Pilot is my holy grail pen brand.

4) J. Herbin Rouille d'Ancre Ink
This ink has been a grower on me. I wasn't 100% about it when I first got it but over time (linked post was actually written back when I first got the ink early on in the year), I love how it gives a faux vintage look to all my journal entries. My opinion on it has now changed a lot :)

5) Clairefontaine A5 Notebook
I blogged about these notebooks last month and I love the quality of them, the price of them and also how they look. There is little to nothing wrong with them!

So there you have it - my top five stationery additions of 2016 so far. I wonder what will make the cut by the end of the year?