25 May 2017

the 2017 limited edition Lamy Safari Petrol Blue

When the 2017 limited edition Lamy Safari was announced as a 'Petrol blue' colour, I was in two minds about whether or not it was one that just had to be added to my collection of fountain pens. There was a lot of uhmming and ahhing for quite a few months after the announcement and when mid-April came round, I made up my mind.

As you can see, I did end up purchasing it and it's not one I regret. Let me explain why.

Being the proud owner of a Dark Lilac Lamy Safari from last year, I knew that a matte finish made for a pen that was easier to grip. The matte finish also seems to do a good job of keeping itself in a good condition. My coral Safari still looks as good as new but any flaws are more visible on it compared to the dark lilac.

The petrol blue colour is fairly muted but I'm hoping it'll make me look a bit more mature! Lamy Safaris are reached for the most out of all my pens so to have two mature looking ones and a more playful one in my collection means I can choose one that suits my mood. Most of the time, all three are inked and ready to go.

It's quite clear I'm a huge fan of Lamy Safari fountain pens and part of me hopes that the 2018 colour won't be one that appeals to me... But at the same time, it'd be quite nice to add another playful one to my collection for balance!

What do you think of this year's limited edition Safari colour? And what colour are you hoping for next?

23 May 2017

packing for a weekend break: beauty and skincare

After my penultimate year at university, I made a resolution with myself to be more spontaneous and to live life a bit more. Though I have commitments in my personal life which mean that this isn't always possible, I analysed how I had spent my years until then and realised that, at the age of 25, I hadn't actually seen much of the world or done much in the way of spontaneity.

One way I've stuck with this resolution is to have spontaneous weekends away or just book impromptu holidays (like I did with my four day excursion to Stockholm in August). As a result, I always have my 'beauty pack' ready for any last minute weekends I book. Flying is a complete headache due to the liquids restriction, and as I try to only fly with hand luggage, this makes it all the more difficult. Travel sized things are a must and I also try and pare down my skincare routine as much as possible. With regards to make-up, if at all possible, I only pack mascara and lip balm with everything else in powder form so generally okay to go through security in my bag.

To read more about how I got my routine to fit into a tiny plastic bag that is flight-safe, here is a post from earlier this month.

My essentials are as follows:

- dry shampoo
A must for those long flights or days where your hair isn't quite dirty/greasy enough for a wash but you want to feel a bit refreshed.

- body wash
Most hotels supply this but I like to keep a back-up just in case.

- cotton pads
Again, some hotels will supply this but I'm quite particular about the ones I use. The best ones I've found are actually sold in Asda!

- micellar water
For those lazy days when you don't feel like double cleansing to remove your make-up.

- Murad cleanser
Not quite sure if this is completely psychological or not: but this cleanser appears to be the only one which can help keep my skin relatively clear.

- Avene Cleanance Expert Emulsion
I keep this in my travel pack because I'm not actually sure it does much for my skin? And it doesn't break me out so I'm basically only using it for the sake of using up the tiny bottle.

- Eye gel
As a contact lens wearer, my eyes can get terribly dry. I apply this gel after my lenses are out in the evening, just before bed, and once again in the morning, at least half an hour before putting my lenses in.

- Banila Co Clean It Zero oil cleanser
Sometimes, this comes with me, other times, it doesn't. It depends on how much make-up I think I'll be wearing. If a lot, I'll use this to take my make up off before using my Murad cleanser. It comes in a tiny travel sized tub which is so useful.

- Deodorant (no explanation needed surely?)

- An AHA product of some kind
I swear by chemical exfoliation now that I've seen how much brighter my skin looks! I really notice a difference when I go without this step in my routine for a few days so this is an essential for me. This gets used once every day other at the moment as my skin seems to be able to take it.

- La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Duo [+]
I'll be raving about this product in a blog post next month but essentially, this is another product I can't do without.

- Benzoyl Peroxide
This makes an ideal spot treatment and traveling can often cause break outs.

- Travel sized shampoo
Like body wash, hotels will usually supply this but I like to bring my own back-up just in case.

- a moisturiser (not seen)
My moisturiser of choice at the moment for traveling with Dr Jart's Ceramidin cream because I find that it helps replace some of the steps I've cut out in my skincare routine.

So there you have it - my beauty products perpetually ready for me to grab for a weekend away. These items are all packed into a regulation clear plastic bag that is available at all airports so I know that they are fine for security and that everything is there so I don't have to spend a manic hour or two packing.

21 May 2017

my week #266

Week three of my elective and I'm really enjoying it all! It's tiring with very long days (as it takes so long to get there and back) but it's worth it. I did a whole load of life admin at the beginning of the week too so it feels like I've succeeded in some adult-ing!

I also finally caught up on Grey's Anatomy this week and woahhhh, that finale. Shondra Rhimes does a good job of writing season finales.

How has your week been?