my week #157

My penultimate week on placement before a revision week begins. Exams are only three weeks away and that thought has induced a few butterflies to start fluttering in my tummy! I've been working steadily throughout the year so hopefully I'll do okay but it's always hard to say.

I've also built up a number of photos I'll be posting after exams of my study sessions - as a sort of Tumblr continuation on here due to the copyright issues I've been having - so sit tight for that!

This week on surgery was the first where I've met a registrar (or a few!) who are nice and don't ignore us as students. This kind of made up for the previous few weeks and has made me not dislike surgery as much as before.

How has your week been?

how my planner is personalised

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Today, I'm going to show how I've personalised my current planner :) This post is more pictorial due to some exams that are coming up in a few weeks but I still hope you enjoy it :)

Washi Tape

I write on these with either Staedtler Lumocolor pens in a superfine nib or a fine Sharpie. Washi tape is super useful for highlighting important events, or not so important ones if you look in the example below! I do like how tape can break up text and add a bit of colour without being too bright or overwhelming on the eyes.


Another thing I like doing is adding in some shadowing or shading.

Little accents

Lines on either side of a title are something I probably use too much if you look back at my weeks!

Random stickers

Because, why not? (Life's too short to be too serious!)

Again, apologies for such a brief post with little substance but exams are a bit more important than blogging at the moment! :)

how I take notes in lectures

My attention span is short - I'll be the first to admit that - so hour-long lectures are something that I sometimes struggle with. The only way I try and get round this is by ensuring that I take notes. In one lecture, I might scrawl almost everything down (even the things I already knew beforehand) in an effort to stay awake and in other lectures, I may just listen and take the odd note because the lecturer is super engaging.

Other things I do are take sips of water from time to time - this, to me, is a sort of mini-break where my concentration is reset and means I am focussed on the topic at hand.


In lectures, I tend to write in cursive with as many gaps in between new topics as possible but this does fail (as you can probably see below). Bullet points are a feature and I never write in full sentences. The odd diagram makes an appearance, as does the odd doodle (squared paper is perfect for drawing patterns on which can be a distraction in itself!).


In tutorials, I have a bit more time to take notes as they are mainly for consolidating knowledge we already have at a basic level.

The main things I do are:

- use bullet points: these enable me to take notes within overwhelming the paper I'm using. A whole page full of prose can be daunting!

- never write in full sentences (for the same reason as the previous point).

- add in diagrams when appropriate: a picture paints a thousand words and are easier for exam recall.

- underline, draw boxes, highlight things! Draw arrows if necessary too.

- try and have as much white (or blank, if you're a Taylor Swift fan) space as possible.

- write as quickly and as neatly as possible.

In the past, I have tried out the Cornell note taking method but it just didn't work for me, but because I write out my notes in full after the lecture, it doesn't matter too much. I think what I'm trying to say here is that find out what works for you and stick with it

Sorry this isn't the most informative post but I have exams coming up so it's all about keeping things short and sweet!