my week #105

I now have a week off from the craziness but it will be a week where I am rushing all over the place and seeing friends who I've not seen in a while.

Last week, I was due to go out for dinner twice but one of the dinners was postponed until after the week's break. Luckily, I had written this dinner on a sticky tab so I can just peel it off this week and transfer it to the new date it has been booked for. Other than that, it has been a busy week (again) - especially as we lose the Friday due to it being a bank holiday. I took advantage of the four day week by (finally) watching Frozen - I might be 23 years of age but I still enjoy a good Disney movie!

This bank holiday weekend is one where I will be sorting out my notes, catching up on anything I might have missed and catching up on sleep!

How has your week been? Do you have anything interesting planned for the week ahead?

term two's essentials

My second term comes to an end today and I thought it would be a good time to review my 'studying essentials'. These are the items that have been invaluable for me and I will explain why and how I used them to my advantage.

First up, the above picture shoes a to-do list pad, some sticky flags and post-it notes. I only started using the to-do list during my revision week for fine little details that needed my immediate attention before the imminent exam. The two lots of sticky flags were useful for highlighting pages of conditions in various medical textbooks and also for separating the non-science lectures from my more clinical/science ones in my folder (as the sections are assessed in different ways in the exam).

For group work, I use an A4 spiral bound notebook and the one of choice this term was this pink one from Oxford. The paper is lovely and thick and the notebook means I don't have to lug an impossibly heavy A4 folder to uni twice a week (though I ended up doing that in the run-up to exams where I stayed late at uni to revise).

Of course, I couldn't live without my diary and for most of this term, I was in a compact orange Filofax Metropol but I moved back into my Smythson binder for the remaining few weeks. 

In terms of pens, I couldn't keep my hands off the Pilot Juice ones I impulse bought in Hong Kong (definitely one of my better impulse buys) and Muji gels. The blue pens I used were a Uniball Protech, Uniball Eye Needle, Muji gel and a Zebra Hyper Jell.

As I was all about mind maps and diagrams this term, I found these Papermate Flair pens invaluable. I won these in a competition Porsche, over at Coffee and Stationery (thank you, Porsche!), held a few months' ago and although they are felt-tip pens, they are thin nibbled enough to be used as normal pens.

I bought some folders while in Hong Kong and these Kaweco ones were great. They can each hold 300 sheets and I found that this capacity was only just enough for the two modules this term.

Finally, these Martha Stewart x Avery x Staples plastic tabs were great for separating my work because each week, we do a patient case (the name being made up but the case is based on a real life scenario) and one week's case can be vastly different to another's.

This term, I tried a completely different approach to my work and study and I think it has worked better for me. Of course, it was probably helped by the cute essentials I used in this post :)

my week #104 - 2 year anniversary!

This week marks the two-year anniversary of this feature. Unfortunately, there is nothing special about this week! Aside from a lot of work and study (hello leaving the house at 7:20am and not getting home til 6:30pm if I'm lucky...), I've not really done much else. However, I'm on top of all of my work so I guess these long hours at uni have been worth it. There's a lot of anatomy to learn for this module and I'm actually enjoying learning it all!

Only one more week until I get ten days off. Although ten days sounds like nothing, I'll be grateful for a bit of a rest! This term started in the first week of January and ends next week. Longest. Term. Ever.

What have you been up to? Hope your week has been good!