1 May 2016

my week #211

Thank goodness it's May! April has been a pretty awful month so I'm glad it's now over. This week was my first of two on a cardiology rotation and so far so good. The teaching is great and some of the best I've had over the last two clinical years so far. A few of my friends have had a fluey/cold-like illness and I think it has finally found it's way over to me this weekend so I'm taking it fairly easy.

Earlier this week, there were two days of junior doctor strikes here in the UK - the first time all junior doctors, including emergency care ones, have walked out. With the future of the NHS uncertain, it doesn't feel like a great time to be at medical school and a lot of us are worried about what this all means for our future training.

How has your week been?

28 Apr 2016

my study week #11: psychiatry notes

Last year on psychiatry placement, we had problem based learning on a weekly basis and this required some note-taking and self-directed learning on my part. Here were some of the notes I made :) I used a Pilot Kakuno in fine to write them, Diamine blue-black was my ink of choice and a Zebra Mildliner to highlight through some underlining.

26 Apr 2016

2010 - 2016: my archived planner pages

Last month, I dug out my old inserts from 2010 onwards and I thought it would make a nice blog post on how things have changed! Prepare for some shocking examples of my youthful mindset compared to my slightly more grown up one ;) I've put what planner I was using alongside each year too.

2010 - Filofax Finchley

Here, I actually used fountain pen to write in my Filofax! You can see that it is quite messy but still colourful and it actually makes me cringe looking at my 2010 inserts.

2011 - Filofax Finchley/Osterley

Here, we have a more muted layout. Much less colour but a bit more organisation. I also stuck in a business card from Harrods. One of my friends at the time had a penchant for expensive watches and I decided to go with him one day to look at some. It made for a fun afternoon out but also made me realise that I was happy not spending thousands on a watch!

2012 - Filofax Alice Temperley The Affair/Osterley

How much colour?! Washi tape?! Stickers? This was the year where I started to make my planner that bit 'cuter' and on reflection, it just looks quite juvenile to me.

2013 - Smythson Bond Street organiser

These Smythson inserts added a bit of luxury to my day-to-day planning but I still hadn't decided to calm down with my colour, sticker and washi tape usage. I do like my handwriting in these inserts though!

2014 - Smythson Bond Street organiser/Filofax Metropol Compact Orange

Back to those white Filofax inserts. Because the quality of them was so poor, I mainly used Muji Erasable pens in them and Muji gels. I like the amount of white space in the above example.

2015 - Seeso The Planner

My first year back in a bound planner and I was definitely enjoying the increase in space as you can see. I like how there is still colour but not to an excessive amount and it does look a bit more grown up than the previous years.

2016 - Rifle Paper Co planner

There is a distinct lack of stickers here and I quite like it. Although some weeks, there are a few dotted around, I've chosen to use more discrete ones now and washi tape is used much more sparingly. 

- - -

I've changed a lot as a person and not least as a blogger over the last six years and I think the same can be said for my planner weeks too.

Do you keep your old planners? If so, do you ever look back at them and then realise how much you've changed? It's fascinating, right?!