my week #154

First week of surgery placement and I must admit, I'm not enjoying it as much as I did my medicine placement. There's no set ward for my surgical specialty and the random teaching lectures dotted around at random times are annoying for when I want to go into theatre/clinic/ward work. Here's hoping my second week is much more improved!

Also, I know I only made my Tumblr a few weeks' ago but I may stop posting on it due to some copyright issues I'm having. Basically, someone's reposted my image and claimed it as their own and it has been a massive wrangle trying to get Tumblr to do something about it. I've contacted the person, Tumblr and moaned about it on Twitter (sorry about that!) so for now, I'm holding off posting my own content on Tumblr. I may just post those study-related images on here once a week instead? We'll see.

How has your week been?

a new 101 in 1001 list

My first '101 in 1001 days' list deadline was the 29th of December 2014 and I only managed to complete a pitiful 61/101. I wrote a new list that day and my new deadline is the 25th of September 2017, which seems like a long way away but I remember thinking the same about the 29th of December 2014 when I wrote my first list.

I've tried to make my list more achievable this time - some of the goals are instant and can be done easily whereas there are some others which require more dedication. Some of them overlap with my '30 before 30' list but that's not necessarily a bad thing because I'll still be 26 when we hit the new deadline.

Anyway, here is my list (with the more personal ones blurred out):

Have you done one of these challenges before? If so, how did you get on (hope you did better than me!) and if not, will you consider doing one? They are pretty fun but you do need to glance at them from time to time to check your goals. I'd missed out the chance to get a few of the easy ones done just because I hadn't seen the list for months on end.

beauty spotlight on: ren

Ren is a skincare brand that plays a large part in my beauty life and with this blog being lifestyle in nature, I thought it'd be appropriate to share why I love and use this brand so much after six months.

My first foray into Ren was the Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser and you can read about my thoughts on it here. At this point, I did a bit more research into the brand and found that they pride themselves on being a natural skincare company with all products containing '100% plant and mineral derived actives' and are 'free of skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients'. This is attractive to me as I've struggled with my skin for quite a number of years - blemishes pop up more often than I would like and my skin is ridiculously oily. It never occurred to me that using harsh products in an effort to combat these two problems may just be making things worse so I decided to try things that consisted of natural ingredients instead.

Pleased with the results of the Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser, I decided to try out the Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser and Clarimatte Invisible Pores Detox Mask as Ren had a 20% discount on the Clarimatte range. These are two other products that have been hyped a lot on beauty blogs by people who seemed to have a similar skin type to myself.

So first up, the Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser. I first started using it because I had broken out on my chin and nose and there was considerable redness in these areas. After using this cleanser once a day before bed, I noticed that the redness and breakouts disappeared on day two. However, there were consequences of using clay - a well-known extractor of impurities - as two under-the-skin cystic spots appeared: one on day three and one on day five (by which time, the first one had disappeared). Over time, the number of spots popping up have diminished though.

Included in the order, I received sample sizes of the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask and the Micro Polish Cleanser as I have a fair few scars from some blemishes in the past. I used the mask once a week and the cleanser once every three days instead of the Clearcalm Clay Cleanser mentioned earlier in this post. Neither of these products broke me out and my skin was quite red immediately after using them so I recommend using them in the evening as opposed to in the morning. Waking up the next day, my skin was visibly clearer and brighter and after a few weeks of use, the scars are already fading. Yep - scars that have been there for months and years are now fading!

The sample sizes of the Micro Polish Cleanser and Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask were so good, I ended up purchasing them in full-size once they were finished and using these products in synergy appear to be having a positive effect on my skin in that the number of blemishes have decreased enough for me to keep using Ren. It is enough for me to think about what I'm slathering on my skin and I am now trying to ensure that I only use natural products as and when my budget allows!

Do you have a skincare brand that you are loyal to? Or a routine that you won't ever change?