25 Jul 2017

my desk: and the studying continues...

Though medical school is now over, the learning and exams never end in medicine. As my elective was in paediatric surgery, it was a good opportunity to revise some embryology and one of the senior doctors I had the pleasure of working with recommended the textbook in the photo below to me. He said it was a basic textbook but that's what I wanted at the time.

This summer has seen a few heatwaves and that's why there's so much water on my desk! I try and make sure I drink at least 2.5 litres of water a day as when I don't, I feel faint and ill. There's also a guilty pleasure in the form of crunchy nut cornflakes in the top left corner...!

How do you like your desk to be?

23 Jul 2017

my week #275

This week has been super hectic - it's the week before work starts on Tuesday (with an induction week) - and it was all about life admin with a graduation ceremony on Thursday.

Graduation was at the Barbican Centre in London - very different to the (ahem, humble brag time) Royal Albert Hall which was my first degree's place of graduation. It was much smaller and more intimate. Now that medical school is pretty much done and dusted with this ceremony, the feeling of being let loose on the wards is scary and exciting in a 50-50 split. Can I please go back to Vancouver where I didn't think about this madness once?!

As a bonus, here is an Instagram photo of myself and two friends at graduation on Thursday :)

How was your week?

20 Jul 2017

ten highlights during the first half of 2017

Now that more than half of the year has passed, it felt like a good time to review the last six months and record ten highlights from this period.

1. Skin goals achieved (for the most part!)

My skin goal this year were to tackle my main complaints (visible pores, breakouts, scars/hyper-pigmentation and dullness). By fine-tuning my skincare routines in the morning and evening, something seems to be working! For the first time in my life, I'm actually happy with my skin in its bare state.

2. A feeling of maturity towards spending

At the beginning of the year, I put myself on a spending ban which meant I couldn't buy anything new until I was on the last of that certain type of product. I've tried these challenges in the past and this is the first time where it has lasted beyond the three months. This is not to say I don't treat myself from time to time, but it has meant impulse purchases have decreased in number dramatically.

3. Reading as many books as nine months' worth compared to last year

Either procrastination got the better of me or I actually dedicated more time towards reading!

4. Stuck to my goal of journaling once a week

One of my '101 in 1001 days' goals was to journal at least once a week. I've kept this up since the start of that challenge and don't intend to stop this anytime soon.

5. Acquired a Lamy Safari Petrol Blue Fountain Pen!

A picture is worth a thousand words and that definitely rings true for this Lamy Safari. I love everything about it!

6. Decluttered most of my life

After exams, I recycled a whole load of stuff, gave a bunch of stuff to charity and threw out things that couldn't fit into the previous two categories. And it felt really good. I still have some other things to clear out (either through eBay or donating to charity) though.

7. Got a job offer for rotations and hospitals I actually wanted!

When applying for the Foundation Programme (the first job most doctors do in the United Kingdom - it is a two year programme designed to equip doctors with the basic skills for whatever specialty they choose at the end), I had an idea as to the hospitals and the job rotations I wanted. Somehow, what I wished for came true which has made me even more excited to start work!

8. Opened a bank account where my salary will be paid in...

This feels and sounds awfully mature so maybe I'm finally growing up a bit now! You know what they say: better late than never...

9. Spent many hours playing pool with friends!

As my time as a student comes to an end, my friends and I have taken to playing pool in the Student Union. I've never been particularly good but the many hours spent playing it over the last few months have seen a little bit of an improvement! Plus, it's really fun to accidentally pot something and see the look of horror on your opponent's face :)

10. Made it through medical school with all examinations passed :)

Not even sure where the last four years went and how I did it but somehow, I did. Being a doctor has been a goal of mine for a long time and I genuinely couldn't imagine doing anything else. There will be a lot of social life sacrifices (some of which have already happened) but based on the last four years at medical school, it looks like I'll continue to feel fulfilled on an almost daily basis. (At least, I hope so.)