a new 30 before 30

Getting into medschool was a game and life changer which meant writing a new '30 before 30' list was well overdue. I kept some from my old list but also incorporated new items too. Some goals are easier than others and some are pretty huge and may not be achieved until I'm after 30 but a girl can dream ('buy a house' is very ambitious!).

Here is the old list:

I'm still tweaking the list - the aim is to add something to it once something else gets checked off. When I was younger, I always thought that I would have my life sorted by the age of 25 and as that is only eight months away, this list shows that couldn't be further from the truth!

Have you written a '30 before 30' list? If so, link me up - would love to see yours :)

term one's 'rough' lecture notes

Keeping my notes as neat as possible is something that I have a slight obsessive compulsive about but in lectures, writing things down as quickly as possible is more important than ensuring that the page is super neat. If you compare my lecture notes with my group work ones, there is a visible difference. I use cursive and join up my handwriting when scrawling in lectures and things are also all over the place with arrows everywhere and little illustrations too.

Multicoloured pens are perfect for lectures as it allows me to underline things of note or things that may be important. They also allow me to scribble and decorate my paper when I'm bored as you can see below. 

Aside from taking notes in lectures, I also do some self-study on campus that don't need to be written up in a neater way so I choose to write in cursive that is semi-neat and semi-messy. The most important thing there is to keep the page layout as neat as possible as I may want to refer back to the page at a later date. The sort of notes that these would include are things that we have had no official teaching on but things that are deemed important to still know about.

And what if I needed notes that were neater that would be used for revision and were part of the syllabus? Well, this is the end result:

Hope you've enjoyed this look at my rougher notes - most of my notes are actually pretty neat as the most untidy ones are ones taken in lectures as you can see above!

my week #149

My week got off to an amazing start where I went to see George Ezra at Brixton Electric. It was a show as part of the Brits Week where other artists were also featured with George Ezra as the headline act. If you've never heard of him, definitely seek his songs out on Youtube; but I have to let you know that he sounds much, much better live.

Thursday marked the beginning of the year of the sheep - happy chinese new year to you all and I hope you all have a prosperous year with good health and advancement in your careers and/or studies :) I spent it with my family and friends which is always the best way.

How has your week been?