29 Oct 2010

using my filofax for revision

This post is somewhat late (if you had exams in the summer) or early (if you have exams next term) but for me, this will be the perfect time to blog about it as it gives me time to tweak my revision schedule before I need to start the actual hardcore revision itself.

Here is a picture of my revision schedule from my summer exams. I will explain everything and how I used this to my advantage! The inserts are currently not in my filofax due to the fact I changed my inserts.

As you can see, there is a lot of writing. I will first explain the writing itself!

There are initials of my modules written down as shown: MB, MCB and PE. I was quite lucky in that I only had three exams (but they were spread out over three consecutive days! One each days! It's a miracle I passed considering how much I had to learn...) as other people I knew had as much as six or seven.

I have smudged out the names of my lecturers for their privacy and also mine ;) But as you can see, alongside each module, I would have written down a few lecturer's names or maybe a topic's name (for example, 'Recombination' on Thursday the 10th). This is an indication of what I was planning to revise on those days. I would cross each name out once I'd revised it to my satisfaction. If I failed to finish revising the stuff that day, I would rewrite the module or lecturer's name again but for a later date.

This is not a full proof method as I actually had some gaps in the things I revised (I only found this out during the exams themselves...revision fail!) so I'm actually looking for a new way to revise, but still using my filo as I feel it keeps me organised.

Any suggestions?

26 Oct 2010

a year older, but not necessarily wiser

So, it's my 20th birthday today and I feel quite old... Apologies if I am offending anyone here saying that but as I after being a teenager for seven years; being able to say I am twenty years of age now feels like something new!

To celebrate, a group of my friends and I have plumped for dinner at a nearby hotel restaurant. Being in South Kensington, this won't be cheap but thanks to a Taste London card, we'll get 50% off the food bill! This discount helps a lot as being students, we rarely get to eat good food, but this time, we can but for half the price. Let's hope the food comes out as good as it would at full price!

Apologies for a lack of commenting on blogs and stuff. I've been really, really busy with uni stuff; you just wouldn't believe!

23 Oct 2010

ugg boots...to hate or not to hate

So, the famous (or should that be infamous?) Ugg Australia brand. Famous for their pricey (but comfy, I must add) sheepskin boots, boots which have enough influence to be made by a cheap factory and passed off as the real thing. The real question is though, to hate or not to hate? Until about a year ago, I never liked them. I thought they were overpriced and that people only bought it for the label; not to mention the fact that in my local area, only chavs wear them (and normally fake ones at that). However, my opinion changed when I tried a pair and actually bought two pairs off shudoo.co.uk (taking advantage of a 20% discount code). Obviously, I bought the classics as they are, in essence, what they say on the tin - of a classic style; meaning that they will not go out of fashion.

Not entirely convinced that the above picture is of real Ugg boots, but nevertheless, I am too lazy to take a picture of my own.

Having spent the majority of my teenage years slagging off these boots, I have found myself in love with them (only in the winter though, mind you. I would never wear these out when the sun is shining at the temperature is above 15 degrees celcius!!!!). I literally lived out of my two pairs last winter due to the sheer amount of snow that fell at home and in London. Walking to college every day was turning into an obstacle course with the ice in Hyde Park and so I need something cosy but also safe. Although they don't look it, the grip on them is pretty good. Not once did I find myself skating through Hyde Park instead of walking through it.

Don't get me started on the cosiness either. If you buy a real pair (made from sheepskin and whatnot), they are very, very, very comfy. I cannot emphasise that enough. I did not need a single pair of thick woollen socks in the winter as the boots did the warming themselves! My feet never froze and it also meant I rarely had dry, chapped skin on my feet - win!

So, what do you think? I know the price is a little outrageous but if you wear them for many years, the boots pay for themselves (especially if you feel the cold as easily as I do). Go on, share your opinion; I won't be offended if you hate them ;)

19 Oct 2010

a filofax in china/hong kong?!

I'm a big fan of watching Hong Kong dramas (my parents are from there and I've been born and brought up in the UK but with a love for anything Hong Kong/China related! Well, mostly...) and whilst watching this one, I spotted what looked a lot like a Filofax! Here is the first screencap...

In this one, only the rings are visible but from the size, it looks like an A5 filofax. The character (name is Hoi Leung) is using a verrrry nice pen too, but in this drama, he is a rich businessman who was formerly the CEO of his own company. It's too complicated for me to explain the events that unfolded which caused him to no longer be the CEO so I'll leave it at that.

The next shot was of what he had written and from looking at the paper, it looks like non-standard Filofax paper but it does have an air of cotton cream-ness to it! And it is lined! I'm loving this paper as it looks like it is high quality paper and would love to know where Filofax sized refills are sold in Hong Kong! Next time I am there, I will have a hunt in stationary shops (of which there are many, but mainly independant ones!).

The final shot is of Hoi Leung's son (Hoi Sing) reading what he had written before he passed away. Hoi Leung had been using the 'Filofax' as a diary and that was his first, and last, entry. In this shot, I think it looks like an A5 model, but which one I am not sure. Nevertheless, this is my first time seeing a Filofax-esque product in a Hong Kong/China drama (this was a collaboration between TVB, a Hong Kong based TV company and some China one - I've forgotten the name of it).

I'll keep my eyes peeled for any further spots of Filofaxes in Hong Kong dramas from now on!

16 Oct 2010

what pen to use for my lectures?

With my second year of uni starting a few days ago, I feel now would be a good time to do a post on pens! I am, though I dislike admitting it, very much obsessed with this writing instrument. Fountain pens, gel pens, rollerballs, biros... I love them all. However, my utmost favourite at the moment are either the Uniball eye pens or the standard Muji 0.5mm gel pens.

Last year, I usually used a blue Papermate biro, a Uniball eye (in blue) or a Muji 0.5mm gel pen in a deep blue shade. This year, I will probably resort to the same pens but I was wondering if any of you readers out there had a recommendation for a good pen to use? In lectures, I need a pen that will, if capped, be able to sit uncapped for around ten minutes but still write as well as it would do if in full flow, if I decide to use it after period of leaving it to 'dry'? This is where I find the Uniball eye pens appealing as they can sit for a while, uncapped, but still write smoothly when required. The papermate biros are okay if I have to write non-stop (which I did have to for a few lectures) but took a time to get going if I took a pause from using it. The Muji pens are just the same as the Uniball eye pens in terms of quality.

So, any suggestions? Please also let me know if your suggestion is a cheap one as being a student, I would like to save as many pennies as possible! (The ones I currently use aren't cheap either so any suggestions put forward would be greatly appreciated :) )

13 Oct 2010

filofax cameo on gossip girl!

Well, due to immense boredom one day, about two months ago, I decided to re-watch Gossip Girl in preparation for the new season (which is so far so good!) and guess what I saw on it? A filofax!!!! Imagine my excitement (my last on screen filofax spot was on the film 27 Dresses so it has been quite a while.). I found these screencaps in my laptop's Pictures folder and realised I had yet to blog about them!

To prove that I was not seeing things, here are a few screencaps I took. (Apologies for the quality as I had to download the episodes as I have no idea how to rip from a DVD!)

From this first screencap, you can see that the girl (her name is Serena in Gossip Girl) is holding a red Domino filofax which actually belonged to her teacher. Now, at this point, I wasn't convinced it was a Filofax, but then...

She opened the filofax up and there it was! Filofax branded refills! I knew then that the model was a Domino due to the tell-tale elastic showing in the previous screencap I took.

And the last screencap, just to emphasise my point and to also prove that I was not hallucinating! From these pictures, I'm guessing that it is a Personal sized Domino?

So there you have it :) Any other interesting Filofax spots? I have another, more dubious one, coming up too! Stay tuned.

6 Oct 2010

what's in my bag #4

Apologies for my editing of the first photo. The photo was taken badly in the first place and I am just too lazy to take another shot!

In my bag (first picture:

My trusty Filofax, my Oyster card (in IKEA holder) and my 16-25 railcard.

Second picture:

My phone, iPod, camera, Luella purse, notebooks, throat lozenges, Shiseido make up bag, plastic fork, my college ID card and my keys.

All in my Cath Kidston bag :)