10 Sept 2012

all stars guest post: imy from imysworld!

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting a guest post from Imy of Imy's World. Not only are her blog posts a pleasure to read, her videos are too (seriously, I've watched every single one) and also, she is so lovely. I've not met her yet in person (though I would love to - hopefully at the next Philofaxy meet?) but through Twitter, I feel like I already have met her! Doing it in real life would just be a formality :) 

Anyway, Imy's done a comparison of the Compact size vs the Personal size. As some of you may know, I'm very tempted by the Compact size at the moment - a Compact Osterley to be exact and as a result of this, Imy very kindly suggested doing a post to compare the two. 


I promised the wonderful Paperlovestory a blog post on my review between compact and personal, I cant really talk much about the pockets as the pockets will be different on any Filofax, but still, I will show you the difference in size and tell you my thoughts.

Thank you  lovely for letting me post here!

So here are the Filofax I will be comparing, it is the Personal Amazona in black and the Compact Regency in brown!

First of all I will show you some pictures comparing the width from the back and side…

As you can see there is quite a difference in thickness of the empty binders (I kept them empty to just show how they differ easier).

The Regency is a lot softer and more bendable so it’s a bit narrower still.

Here is a comparison of the amount of paper you can fit in the binders when they are stuffed to the maximum, on the left is the paper I had in the Amazona, which is all my spare inserts, instead of keeping them in the packets.

On the right is the inserts I use in my Regency, which is still a lot more than you should probably have in a compact, but I need a lot of stuff. I will explain the reason why I am still in a compact in a minute!

The best thing about the compact is what you will see next, the difference in ring sizes!

As you can see from the two pictures above the compact rings look so much smaller, they are exactly 0.8mm smaller than the standard Filofax rings which are 23mm, the compact rings are 15mm, which is tiny! But it is amazing how much they can hold for such small rings!

Because of this difference in ring size it has a more comfortable writing position as they do not stick up as much and it makes it more like writing on a flat notebook, it is so amazing, I love the difference in writing with the smaller rings, but it is looking like I will have to up size to a Personal again as I am needing to use too much in my Filofax, but I am going to try and last out in the smaller rings as long as possible!

Thank you again Paperlovestory for letting me guest post on your blog!!!

I really love your blog and I like to check it daily for new posts!!!! 


So, now the question is; personal or compact? Compact or personal? I think I may just have been converted to the Regency too! I didn't like it much on the Filofax website but after watching Imy's video on it, and also seeing it in 'real life pictures', I think this may be the Compact I plump for. Especially if I can find it on sale like she did :)

Thank you for agreeing to do a guest post on here, Imy :) If you haven't already, do check out the post I did for her in return :)

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  1. I honestly wouldn't be able to fit my whole life in a compact. I am a one life one filo kinda gal.. so maybe others who use multiple Filofaxes will be able to pull it off. Anyways, great post! :)