2 Aug 2015

my week #172

These two weeks of my 'summer break' has gone by far too quickly for comfort. This week was filled with spontaneous activities - I didn't want plans filling up my pages when they are usually filled in during term time (wait til you see the beast of next week)! I also took this opportunity to practice using ink and brushes to work on some cursive calligraphy (is there any other kind? I'm still a newbie at this!).

I'm definitely sad to see my two week break go - the summer weather's has just started to get going and my penultimate year of medschool is already here. I can still remember the day I got my offer for medschool and how I screamed the house down: it was a cold February evening when the email came through and I thought it was a joke! And here we are, two and a half years' down the line, the weather all sunny and warm and I'm halfway to being a doctor. Scary, eh?

How has your week been?


  1. Hello Angela ! I want the same planner. Where i can bought it? Or same that planner? What kikki k diary for example you advice me? I use a ring binder planner actualy I want to change and I want something light. (Sorry for my english) thanks

    1. Hi there, I bought this one from The Fox and Star but it's now sold out. I have no idea about Kikki K. diaries, sorry! x

  2. Best wishes for your next year of medschool, Angela :) x