12 Nov 2015

five blog tips for the busy

Whenever I mention to people that I blog alongside medical school, sport and part-time work, they always seem impressed that I manage to find the time to do so. It's flattering but with a bit of time management, it's quite simple to keep up a blog. And I thought I'd share five things that I do to try and ensure that new content comes out once a week. :)

1) The schedule feature will be your new best friend.

Honestly, this is the only way I manage during busier times e.g. exam time, busy placements. Sometimes, you'll feel inspired and will want to blog for two or three hours solid: make use of these times and schedule in posts for the next few weeks' or so.

2) Have a list of features that occur on a regular basis.

In the image below, you'll see some regular features that I do from time to time on here. 'My Week' happens every Sunday but some other features don't happen on such a regular basis: e.g. 'what's in my bag'. These posts are reserved for once every six months or less and they are useful for when you're going through 'blogger's block'.

3) Write posts around photos you've taken. 

Occasionally, I've taken photos of things without having a blog post in mind. I then go back to these photos and write a post around them. Another option is to trawl through your Instagram posts and do a round-up post of your life from the past month/few months, etc.

4) Make use of national holidays/landmark days within the year.

Christmas and New Year lend themselves really well to blog posts. New Year's is obviously a great time to talk about resolutions. If you're going away on holiday, take pictures and talk about that.

5) Blog regularly and have a rough editorial calendar.

I don't have a proper editorial calendar but I do a rough one where I try and organise blog posts for the next year (yes, really). This way, I have a plan to fall back on if I ever get stuck on things to blog about. I write down the dates I want to get a post out and then below it all, some other blog post ideas (as you can see below).

Obviously, these are some rough tips and they may not work for you. :) Do you have any tips to keep up with blogging? :)


  1. Very useful tips especially as I've been considering doing a blog for a long time and haven't got round to it. Thank you