1 Nov 2015

my week #185

This week was my first proper week on Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) and I'm loving it. Prior to medical school, my work experience was spent in O&G so my interest in this specialty started back then. As a result, I've really thrown myself into everything thus far. Theatre on Tuesday was really good - the consultants are really willing to teach and try and get you involved in everything and I've really appreciated the opportunity to practice examining pregnant ladies in clinic. Feeling the lie and position of a baby is so easy in a plastic model but is quite different in a real person!

On Friday, I had a free day (teaching had been postponed and my consultants weren't in) so I decided to head up to Labour Ward on the off-chance there were no other students. I was quite lucky in that there weren't and that there was a lot going on. Another fortunate thing was that I was with a lady who was super kind and allowed me to stay during her labour and birth of her baby and kept telling me that I 'had to learn'. I always appreciate patients like this and she was absolutely lovely. Before I knew it, five hours had flown by and at the end, the most beautiful baby girl was introduced to the world.

All in all, a busy and exhausting week but a very, very enjoyable one.

How has your week been?

Also, I've made up a 30 day journaling/listing challenge for November - feel free to join in. I would love to see what you guys all come up with! Let me know if you decide to take part - I'm on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr :) Here are the prompts if you missed them the first time around:

If you decide to do them another month, or start a bit later, that's also cool. It's just a bit of fun and thought I'd share my prompts rather than keep them for myself.


  1. I'm so excited to this challenge !!! Hope you have a beautiful month ahead!