3 Apr 2016

my week #207

My two week break has come to an end (say whaaaaaaat) and I feel like I've not done much at all! This week, the weather has turned nicer and as a result, I've definitely felt my mood lift. The clocks going forward have also helped.

With the release of Me Before You in June, I thought I'd take this break as an opportunity to read it properly (the first time, I only got to half-way before putting it down). I'm always apprehensive about seeing a film after reading the book as I've found that, on the whole, film adaptations don't tend to do the book justice...

This week was meant to be the end of my three month shopping ban but unfortunately, I only lasted two and a half months. As a result of this, I'm going to do another three month block in May, June and July. I'm going to write a list of things exempt from this (food, essentials, a limit on how much I'm allowed to spend on entertainment, etc) but it'll mainly be for clothes, shoes and beauty products (first world girl problems, eh).

How has your week been?

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