2 May 2017

my study week #23: a revision notebook

Today, my offering is this one: my final year revision notebook. It is an Oxford one and consists of paper which takes fountain pen wonderfully. The bright white Optik paper is a lovely contrast to the dark blue ink and in an effort to add a bit more colour to my notes (something I've not done much of this academic year), enter some note tabs and washi tape.

Electing to use Martha Stewart x Staples note tabs to help bookmark where each chapter begins means that looking things up becomes more time efficient. The washi tape for the titles is nothing new, as evidenced by this blog post back in 2012 (jeez, I feel old) and to add to the colour coding, Zebra Mildliners make an appearance in the margins too.

The main thing in this notebook is the amount of white space when in the past, I would've tried to cram as much information onto a sheet of paper before satisfied. The white space enables me to feel less cluttered in my mind which makes remembering things a lot easier.

This might be my favourite notebook from my time at medical school and although, a work of art, it is not, it serves its purpose well whilst still looking kind of aesthetically pleasing.

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