27 Feb 2018

introducing the 2018 limited edition lamy al-star fountain pen in vibrant pink, extra fine nib

Rumours are that this year's limited edition Lamy Safari is an all-black offering and as someone who prefers a bit of colour when it comes to the look of my writing tool, this is disappointing if true. However, the limited edition Lamy Al Star colour is a 'Vibrant Pink' and this sounded right up my street. My current pen used primarily at work is my 2014 limited edition Lamy Safari Coral Pink fountain pen and its status as my 'every day carry' may now be under threat.

First Impressions

When I initially unboxed this Al-Star, I was really quite impressed. The colour is not quite a pure pink, nor is it a pure purple - I would say it was somewhere in between. The sheen of the metal adds a bit of sturdiness and sophistication to the pen compared with the Safari's ABS plastic. If you didn't already know, the Safari and Al-Star are pretty much the same pen in design with the only difference being the Safari's main body being plastic and the Al-Star's being metal.

The pen was engraved with my initials which makes it all the more tempting for it to become my main work pen. No one would surely dare to nick a pen that has been engraved with someone else's initials?! I can't imagine many having the same initials as myself :)

This Al-Star comes with my Lamy nib of choice: an extra fine. If you want to see a comparison of how the fine nib looks compared with the extra fine, please click here.

The one thing about the Al-Star is how easy it is to scratch the body. You can see that my Lamy Al-Star Blue Green already has a few scratches near the pen clip but I'm now a firm believer in that a pen is made to be used and if I kept it locked away for fear of scratches, it would be a bit of a shame!

The Vibrant Pink will be a disappointment to you if you're expecting something along the lines of the Coral Pink (which is a neon pink) or the Neon Lime (which looks a little radioactive!) but if you're looking for a more robust version of the pink Lamy Safari, this would be a worthy alternative.

If you're a collector of limited edition Lamy pens, then this one will surely be a no-brainer. If you're not and you're on the market for your first Lamy, this would be a good one to start with! The triangular grip isn't for everyone so I recommend you try one out in person first, especially if you are picky about the grip section of fountain pens. And if you're on the fence with this one, I would say go for it. I was on the fence about the Copper Orange Al-Star from a few years ago and sorely regret it. It is nigh on impossible to find one at a reasonable price now!

**NOTE: I was sent this pen with compliments from Pen Heaven. All opinions are my own and the review has been written as if the product had been purchased by myself personally.

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