29 Aug 2018

an impulse buy in hong kong: the muji aluminium fountain pen

When I was in Hong Kong back in February, I ended up in Muji (of course) at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. I was actually looking for their signature tinned candles as my sister wanted me to stock up on her behalf but this quest was unsuccessful and these candles were nowhere to be found. Instead, I stumbled upon this fountain pen. It is infamous within the fountain pen world for being a cheap minimalistic fountain pen of a decent build and writing quality. Priced at around $70 (if my memory hasn't failed me) which equates to just over £6. 

It is a lightweight pen which makes it ideal for those long writing sessions. The contrast in texture at the grip section breaks up what would have been a monotonous design.

The nib has some intricate detailing to it and it is a lovely fine nib which writes true to its specification. It is extremely smooth, does not skip and is a real pleasure to write with - especially when you factor in how much it cost!

The cap posts seamlessly with the pen to the point where the join to the barrel is hardly noticeable.

This Muji fountain pen takes international cartridges and I've yet to try any converters in it yet. If you do a google, different people recommend different converters for it and with an abundance of international cartridges in my possession, I'm in no rush to find a converter that fits.

This is a great pen for the beginner user as the short international cartridges are super easy to find on the high street and online (plus they are cheap!) and the pen is a pleasure to use.

My only dilemma is what to use it for: I already have two to three every day carries I use at work, I have two to three pens reserved purely for journaling purposes and two to three others which are permanent fixtures on my study desk. At the moment, it is a back up work pen...

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