4 Oct 2021

what's in my bag #24: a small cross body bag

These are some of my favourite blog posts so of course, I had to kick off with another one in my return to blogging. Earlier this year, this bag caught my eye in the Smythson sale. I was on the lookout for a classic black mini cross-body bag which would last years and age well. However, I didn't want a brand that was common or mainstream and it also had to be within budget. I'd done an extra shift to pay for it so my budget was a decent one; though not massive. 

This bag fit the bill... It's small and can fit everything that I need on a daily basis. It's my new go-to on days off! 

Contents (top left, clockwise): fabric face-mask, house key, pocket tissues, chewing gum, purse and lip balm.
As you can see, I'm now carrying the bare minimum. I often put in a foldable tote bag too in case I go to the shops. During the summer months, it was a bit of a struggle as I like to carry a bottle of water because my blood pressure can dip when I'm dehydrated. To get around this problem, I'd just carry the bottle in my hands or if it's small enough, it can fit at the bottom of the bag but horizontally. Because so little is in the bag usually, there's usually enough room for a 500mL bottle. 

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