13 Sept 2021

sailor professional gear regular fountain pen in navy and rose gold (limited edition) with a fine nib - a review

Earlier on this year, I was having a tough time and treated myself to a new fountain pen: this limited edition Sailor Professional Gear Regular Fountain Pen in Navy and Rose Gold. It came with a rose gold 21k fine nib and I feel like the photos don't do this pen justice at all. 

First impressions at the time:

What a beautiful pen! It's a great size (a bit chunkier than a Pro Gear Slim) and the rose gold trim is a delight to admire whenever this pen is picked up. The weight is perfect and I couldn't find a fault with it at all. 


Rose gold and navy is a classy combination and this pen is the perfect example of this. My hands are larger than average for a woman and I find that this pen is a great size for them. I can use it posted or unposted and it feels evenly weighted and not too small or large either way. 

The Nib

As you can imagine, the 21k rose gold nib is an absolute delight to write with. The line is fine (not quite fine enough for my liking but not an issue at all). Below, it's inked with Cult Pens Diamine's Robert and it has creeped onto the nib somewhat making it look much more red/pink than it is. The rose gold nib is discrete and not garish at all. It writes like butter with minimal feedback and I really enjoy using it. 


At over £200, it was a fairly expensive pen but as it is limited edition, for me, it was worth it. The design is classy and fits well with my style. For a 21k nib by a reliable fountain pen brand, it's worth every penny for me.

Since receiving it, it has come to work with me almost every day and I use it plenty. It has been used for journal entries, consent forms at work and anything else I need to make a note of. It's probably my most used pen of the last four months. 


For me, this has been one of my favourite purchases to date. The fact it's my go-to pen for most things now just says it all. The weight is perfect for long writing periods and the nib is super smooth with minimal feedback making for a wonderful writing experience. I've inked it with my current favourite ink but I'm going to try another one once this converter runs empty. In essence, I think this will be a pen that's permanently inked and will perpetually have a place in my current rotation. 

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