4 Jul 2011

university: end of my penultimate year

Yep. You read right. It's the end of my penultimate year at university - which means; only one more year until I graduate! Time really does fly as it feels like yesterday that I first stepped foot into my halls of residence in my first year in October 2009 - hell, it even feels like yesterday that I started high school (I still remember that day like it was yesterday!)

I've had a brilliant year and I've met some amazing people. I've continued friendships from my first year as well as making new ones this year. I've grown closer to some people and grown apart from others - but still, I wouldn't change one second of it for the world. It's been a fantastic year full of ups and downs - the ups being the good times such as birthdays and other celebrations whereas the downs have included exam time. The fact that my subject is one of the last to finish (in the last week nonetheless) when all the other subjects have finished has been tough on my motivation to work but I've made it!

Now, I have three full months of doing some relaxing. I've opted not to apply for any internships after a few rejections (for really competitive internships though, mind you) as I still don't know what I want to do after university, however, I am going to be doing some hospital work experience and also carry on with my volunteering - along with my summer goals.

Do any of you have any summer goals (if you have a free-ish summer)? How does time feel to you? Does it fly or does it go by slowly? Has this year gone by slowly?

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