22 Nov 2012

Job seeking using a Filofax?

Here is how I used my Filofax for job seeking. I'm cheap and decided not to use a whole new tab for it (as for me, I was only going to make this a small section!).

I only usually apply to one or two jobs at a time - I thoroughly research the role and the company before applying. However, I have applied for work experience at other local firms and all these applications are tracked through my own self-made insert.

Then, the next few pages are dedicated to myself as an applicant. Firstly, my skills and examples of each one:

Then a page of typical interview questions and my bullet point answers; and on the other side, other questions I could be asked.

Then a list of questions I could ask at the end and on the right, key words and more examples of situations that may be asked about.

You can add more to this by noting down how you would prefer your career to progress, have a mini CV section (I have this but just didn't show it) and also other sections such as writing cover letters, thank you letters and other documents useful for job applications.

Although this picture is more picture-filled than text-based, I hope this is somewhat useful if any of you ever decide to change careers or if you're fresh out of uni (like me!) and are enduring the job hunting process.


  1. Wow! This is a great idea. There was a book out over 30 years ago titled "What Color is Your Parachute?" You've echoed a lot of his suggestions and put them in manageable & accessible format!! I can see a prospective employer being dazzled by this & I know it has to boost your self- confidence.

    It's inspiring even when one is closer to retiring!

    1. I've never heard of that book so I just googled it and it sounds interesting! I just tried to apply common sense to job seeking and tried to do it in such a way that it worked for me :)

      It certainly does help with making me feel all the more prepared for interviews, etc, when/if they arise :)

      Thank you for such a kind comment x