20 Feb 2014

some amazing Hong Kong food

Food is something a lot of people talk about when Hong Kong is mentioned. Or at least, it's something my friends and I talk about a lot! As a result, I thought I would share a few pictures of some of the amazing food I had the pleasure of eating when I was there but I forgot to take pictures of street food and bowls of noodles from cha chan tents.

Anyway, the first picture I have to share is of the vegetarian feast we had with my mum's side of the family. The fish was made of taro, the 'roast pork' was made of a quorn-esque food, as was the 'roast duck' and the crayfish was also made of taro. Tofu was a component of quite a few dishes (deep-fried tofu, water tofu... just tofu in many forms) and taro was also a common ingredient. 

It was a very good meal and also a very healthy one (I avoided all of the deep fried dishes!).

Something I tried for the first time was Korean hot pot. I went to Korea-town in Tsim Sha Tsui with my cousin (her recommendation) and it was one of the spiciest meals I have ever had. The side dish had spinach, bean sprouts, kimchi and something else that I can't remember. The hotpot itself had a variety of meats and vegetables. We ordered some glass noodles to add to the hotpot too and as a lover of glass noodles, this suited me just fine!

Having a burger in Hong Kong sounds like a stupid idea but when the burger is from Triple O's by White Spot, I knew I had to try it. As far as I know, White Spot is Canadian and I have yet to stumble upon it in the UK. The burger was so big that after devouring that beast, I could barely eat any of the chips! And this was when I was absolutely starving. It was a pretty good burger though... but it also came with a pretty big price tag.

Haagen Dazs was where I met up with a uni friend. I hadn't seen her for over a year now (as she had opted to do her masters in Canada) so it was nice to see her and just catch up. The way we were chatting felt like no time had passed though and in terms of the food, I wish I hadn't ordered hot tea with a cold dessert. Talk about a recipe for stomach ache!

Whilst on the subject of desserts, Hong Kong has a lot of bakeries. I decided to give some of the cakes a try after finding myself drooling over their very appealing appearance. However, the cakes were quite an anti-climax, considering how amazing they look.

Now, onto the bulk of this post. I was invited to a wedding and the banquet was amazing. This was my first ever wedding and I loved every single second. From the photo-taking with the bride and groom to the mingling with family, there was not a silent moment in the restaurant. The decorations were also amazing:

The dinner had about eleven courses (I can't remember the actual number) and the first one was of a roast piglet. The eyes had lightbulbs in and these bulbs were flashing - I just happened to take a picture of when they were off!

Next up, scallops and prawns stir fried with vegetables:

Mushrooms and 'hair' (I have no idea what it is called in English!):

Crabmeat and other seafood meatballs:

Shark's fin soup (don't judge me - I didn't make the menu!):

Abalone with lettuce:

A massive steamed fish (one of the best fish I have ever tasted):

Soy sauce chicken:

Stir fried noodles and a rice dish with two different toppings. These two weren't very popular as by this time, everyone had filled up on the previous dishes.

Dessert: sweet soup.

More dessert: a fruit platter (not shown) and some other sweet treats in the form of jelly and biscuits.

Apart from all this food, I also sampled some Vietnamese food, various noodle soups, the cheapest McDonald's meal ever (a large McDonald's meal for less than £2?! Had to be done!) and macaroni soup (a personal favourite). All in all, my belly had a very good time in Hong Kong.


  1. Yum! Looks like you managed to hit all of my favourite styles of food or HK food destinations! x

    1. Any other recommendations? :) I'm in the UK now but I'm already hunting down foods and dishes I didn't get to try when in HK! x

  2. OH MY GOSH. This post. This post! Sooooo much food porn. Can't even handle it. Thank goodness I'm not hungry because I don't know how I'd be coping reading this otherwise. ;)

    The desserts look so amazing! But they didn't taste that nice? Or just didn't live up to the extraordianry appearance?

    The food from the wedding looks SO GOOD. Eleven courses. Woah! But I guess that's normal for weddings? I haven't been to any myself yet. Excited that this was your first one though!

    Less than £2 for a McDonald's meal? That's insane.

    I admit, I am very, very jealous of your belly. :P

    1. Haha, I want to recreate as many of these dishes as possible :-)

      The desserts just didn't taste that good. They were bland and considering how great they looked, I was really quite disappointed!

      Yes, it's normal for weddings to have loads and loads of courses. Each course will be symbolic of something (e.g. luck, fortune). My stomach was so happy that evening haha x

  3. Oh man, this post really makes me miss Hongkie food... I really want to go back now, even for the fake shark fin soup you find at street vendors or 7/11.

  4. Damn - I really shouldn't have read this before breakfast, I am now super hungry and craving a banquet too :-)